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By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB spy, CIA "filament"  

kryzhanovsky77@gmail. com  




I've instructed CIA on how to provoke World War III, it's part of my "THE PROFESSIONAL" system, 1996.  



Two top shcmucks used my instructions – Trump and CIA Pompeo.  


SCHIZOPHRENIA – a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.  


Trump's symptoms of this long-term mental disorder include:  


1. Hostility, suspiciousness, extreme reaction to criticism – Trump's anti-media attitude.  

2. Odd or irrational statements : "We build the anti--Mexican wall and Mexico gonna pay for it".  

3. Delusions of grandeur : Trump believes that he is a unique human being (like Jesus) on a mission to save America. His malignant narcissism is beyond any explanation.  

4. Unpredictable or inappropriate emotional responses – "I can kill anybody in the street! "  

5. Trump's behavior is bizarre – he treats women as sexual slaves.  

6. Trump's thinking and speech are disorganized, speech often includes putting together meaningless words that can't be understood – word "salad". That means he's usually promising to fix everything (healthcare, immigration, Palestinian problem) but has no idea what to do.  

7. Delusions – Trump has false beliefs that are not based in reality. One of the biggest, with no proof at all, – his false contention that he lost national popular vote because of illegal votes.  

8. Trump's motor behavior in public is disorganized and abnormal motor behavior. His appearances are really scary because they usually end up in unpredictable agitation no matter what the question or problem is under discussion.  

9. Trump is a pathological liar, no matter what facts you have to prove he's wrong. His statement "I never met Putin" is ridiculous after this Savage's 2015 radio show audio was posted on the web: https://clyp. it/ijpsirbw.  


ATTENTION : Trump ends up in a suicide if his schizophrenia is untreated at all. Treatment consists of medications and therapy. It is usually LIFELONG and often involves a combination of medications, psychotherapy, and coordinated specialty care services.  



April 4, 2017  

One of the worst chemical bombings in Syria turned a northern rebel-held area into a toxic kill zone on Tuesday, inciting international outrage over the ever-increasing government impunity shown in the country’s six-year war.  

Western leaders including President Trump blamed the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and called on its patrons, Russia and Iran, to prevent a recurrence of what many described as a war crime.  

Dozens of people, including children, died — some writhing, choking, gasping or foaming at the mouth — after breathing in poison that possibly contained a nerve agent or other banned chemicals, according to witnesses, doctors and rescue workers. They said the toxic substance spread after warplanes dropped bombs in the early morning hours. Some rescue workers grew ill and collapsed from proximity to the dead.  

The opposition-run Health Department in Idlib Province, where the attack took place, said 69 people had died, providing a list of their names. The dead were still being identified, and some humanitarian groups said as many as 100 had died.  


The government of Mr. Assad, who renounced chemical weapons nearly four years ago after a large chemical attack that American intelligence agencies concluded was carried out by his forces, denied that his military had been responsible, as he has done every time chemical munitions have been used in Syria.  






The sources of energy (oil, gas, uranium, coal) are rapidly coming to an end. At the same time China, India, Brazil, Indonesia are rapidly growing. We have 9 billion people on Earth with energy, food and fresh water supplies coming to an end in the next 25-40 years.  

500 million Europeans and 300 million Americans have to lower their standards of living – and they will not accept this! On top of it we have the global financial and economic crisis which is actually killing America. The only way out – to capture resources that still remain to preserve the Western standards of living.  

Russia has the world's largest reserves of mineral and energy resources, the world's largest forest reserves and 25% of the world's fresh water. Russia is energy superpower : #1 in the world in natural gas reserves, #8 in oil reserves and #2 in coal reserves. Russia is the target, the prize, the profit.  

Russian President Putin is doing everything and paying anything to postpone the war as long as possible, at least until 2020, to complete the military reform and get ready to fight USA. Putin is quickly turning Russian army into the strongest military force in the world, but he needs 3 more years. That's why big money clans ($3 trillion each) are in a rush. They can't wait USA until Putin's army is ready for the war in 2020, they have to attack.  




American President loves war, not peace, because:  

a) Successful military engagement enhances presidential popularity. All five Presidents who have run for re-election during a war have won.  

b) A quick war improves the electoral fortunes of the president’s political party.  

c) War is good business, at least if you win, and at least if it does not drag on too long. It stimulates demand for a variety of manufactured goods and services (even if they are all destined to go down the drain) and is a powerful stimulus to all fields of scientific endeavor.  

d) War provides opportunities to direct lucrative contracts to companies and individuals who helped get the President elected, or who can help in the future; and to the constituents of select Senators and Congressmen for the same reasons.  

e) War usually pleases the Joint Chiefs (and their full support is important politically).  

f) War keeps down the unemployment figures.  

g) War is just one detail in a vast ongoing game of international strategy for domination; it is as much a financial operation as anything else.  

h) War unifies the country, and keeps the public’s attention away from issues that might be controversial.  

i) War provides a rationale for the implementation of tighter legislation and the removal of certain freedoms that would never be tolerated in peacetime America.  

At the same time, war is limited by political decisions and by public opinion. Initially the use of US forces spurs a "rally around the flag" effect that lifts the President’s popularity and builds up support for the troops. But the American people are casualty averse and the positive effect lasts only until the number of casualties and the length of the engagement begin to wear on the public. Continued military action will then have a deleterious effect on presidential approval ratings as the war becomes increasingly unpopular.  





– general (abstract) information on big problem  

– information dosage (the less people know — the easier you convince them)  

– misinformation (full or partial) presented as news, sensations, rumors  

– disorientation – one bit of information contradicts another one  

– provocation – information "pushes" people (before you start war)  

– information over-dosage – too much information (and people lose interest)  

– exaggeration of enemy’s negative sides and promotion of scary data  

– distraction of nation’s attention from news that is bad (for you) by publishing sensations and (political) scandals  

– stereotype manipulation ("nuclear threat, " "international terror, " etc.  

– "shuffle" – all news and facts match President’s political course  

– "cocktail" – mix of true and false information  

–"facts transportation" from abroad (you buy a foreign reporter and he’s publishing positive information on your politics; then you spread the information through American media)  






1) Create a steadfast American collective will-power: “We want to live forever in the America we live in now” – through the media.  

2) Don’t ask people to change their views and beliefs – they have only to change the object of their aggression – “Now we understand who are America's enemies! (the previous President, Republicans).  

3) Get people accustomed to accept facts but believe only in the “right” comments – any common sense has to be “switched off. ” This way you create “mass artificial schizophrenia” — people lose the ability to connect statements and facts (notions) and just believe.  

Besides, by extreme exaggeration of the enemy’s negative qualities you can install the national schizophrenic fear (of "international terrorism") and people have to accept you, the US President, as a savior. Plus, no matter what, repeat your major statements until people start accepting them without thinking.  

4) Divide the nation into “good Americans”(patriots) and “bad Americans”(the “minority).  

Make it clear : it’s much better and more comfortable to be “good” than “bad. ” “We are not watching good Americans who support the President. The surveillance is for bad Americans and we make their lives and careers uncomfortable. We have to do that because enemies of America may be using them. ” This method is called artificial social selection and its ultimate goal is a total regulation and standardization of the nation.  

5) For successful MM, use the combined efforts of popular Democratic American writers, TV and radio anchors, talented publicists and columnists, business and show business celebrities, politicians. Thus, step by step you create the “industry of correct political behavior and correct American thinking. ”  

6) Use a combination: statement + image. It reduces the effort needed to understand your message and makes people comfortable with you.  

7) Shift all popular TV shows to prime time – Americans don’t have to think about politics after they come home.  

8) Psycho-epidemic  


It's simple – you hypnotize people by permanent repetition of certain words, like "Putin is a threat", "Assad is a dictator". A crowd, and even a nation,, often behaves like a dog, it's very submissive if there's a strong personality, a strong leader in front of it. Then, the reflex appears – once you see a strong leader, you must listen to him and follow his orders.  




“Golden rules”  

1. International treaties have to be negotiated by diplomats prior to endorsement by presidents.  

2. The information gathered by spies plays an increasingly role in diplomacy (arms-control treaties would be impossible without the power of reconnaissance satellites and agents to monitor compliance).  

3. If you start war, it does not mean you failed diplomacy, it means military decision is much more profitable.  

4. Make it clear to foreign leaders right away whether you are or you are not going to follow the previous President’s foreign policy (after consultations with big business). If you are not going to follow it, design a doctrine of your own (it’s a strategy that is the recognized approach or policy of the US government.  

5. National security is your top priority and is the “king’s job” because actually you have no domestic political obstacles to your foreign policy (if it’s a question of war), so you are a chief decision maker there. (The CIA Director has to be excluded from from this process — you don’t need him. Besides, the CIA even today, no matter how hard I tried to educate the Agency, remains the worst of the worst and is not to be reformed — it has to be abolished. We have to transfer political intelligence functions to Pentagon. National security is designed to protect the United States and the vital interests (investments) of big business and to promote American values in a world of rivals, and the CIA, through all 60 years of its history, has proved to be absolutely unsuitable for the job).  

6. Any country has to be involved in the sphere of our strategic interests if it has a strategic geographic position, significant sources of raw materials, a well-developed transportation system, or could be used as a military base. The strategic policy of any country rotates around the USA and if not — that means a certain President is waiting for greater incentives to come on board. Against target countries, don’t hesitate to use the strategies of pre-emptive war, post-war (post-crisis) reconstruction, and nation building (which means erasing national identity and supplanting it by liberal values).  

With China’s growth, the Cold War is back with a vengeance, so we are back to secret deals based on spheres of influence — but that’s a temporary strategy.  

7. You can’t always do what you want without help – you are dependent on other world leaders, Congressional positions and international public opinion. Ask the Senate to help you sometimes – believe me, they’ll be happy and proud to do so.  

8. Create super-profitable conditions for big business by political penetration worldwide. Big money men start investing abroad when they find a safe environment — law and order. The more they invest the more political power they get (international corporations is the most important element of international system ; the other two are governments and non-governmental organizations).  

9. Use big investors to ruin other national economies and governments by withdrawing finances when the economic situation is worsening. As soon as the country opens its financial markets, it increases its dependence on global economic processes that it cannot control; and a financial crisis can easily be staged. Conversely, other countries’ access to the US markets is a powerful economic and political tool.  

10. Use my “controlled chaos strategy”. My idea to make the US economic and financial markets the most attractive for investors by provoking unstable situations in other countries and regions.  

11. Send troops or work through military intelligence (not the CIA) to wherever you perceive a threat to the US investments.  

12. Use pressure everywhere – strategic nuclear missiles are still the most powerful blackmail tool. Remember, if you are dealing with Russia or China, they will look not only for agreement, but for advantages.  

13. Use “personal diplomacy” – phone calls to foreign leaders (every planned phone call has to go through the National Security Adviser and be well prepared, like a serious negotiation). Most important are phone calls to our allies — NATO members. Don’t forget to wish happy birthday to the leaders in person!  

14. Use “informal diplomacy” – recruit politicians in other nations who might be able to give informal access to a country’s leadership. In some situations, such as between USA and China diplomacy is done through semi-formal channels using interlocutors such as academic members or think tanks. This occurs in situations when presidents wish to express intentions or to suggest methods of resolving a diplomatic situation, but do not wish to express a formal position.  

15. Don’t hesitate to use summits as a tool, because:  

–if you meet a foreign leader in person, you can reduce tensions and clarify national interests.  

–personal relationship may lead to improved relations between nations.  

–summits allow you to focus national attention on specific issues.  

–presidents engaging in personal diplomacy are much more capable than career diplomatic bureaucrats of understanding the domestic policy consequences of diplomatic actions.  

–summit negotiations can yield quick results, since discussions are between leaders with the power of decision rather than between representatives who must receive instructions, make reports and rely new proposals.  

–diplomatic impasses may be overcome at summits by shifts in policy that only top leaders are empowered to make.  

–if presidents desire an international forum for their diplomatic policies, a summit meeting can provide one.  

–successful summits can enhance the image of the President and the United States  

16. If you’re ready to fight for national interests, forget about human rights — you can always blame infractions on the other side.  

17. Isolation is the greatest enemy to information.  

18. There’s no sense in applying sanctions if big business isn’t interested.  

19. Economic and hence, political progress for any country affects the USA through economic competition that threatens the market and jobs.  

20. Any initiative is risky if it’s about unstable region, but you lose popularity fast if you are perceived as indecisive or weak in foreign policy.  

21. Any trip abroad has to convey a strong message.  

22. Direct military intrusion indicates weakness in your foreign policy. If it’s inescapable, involve as many allies as you can.  

23. Don’t touch our military bases abroad!  

24. Big debts open markets. No matter what, open national markets world-wide for American big business and remember – the markets, not Presidents, rule the world.  

25. Tie your allies to international economic projects and make them pay most of the expenses.  

26. Never talk about money in public — talk about democracy, human rights, liberal values and disarmament – people like it.  

27. Move forward – transform Americans’ national and patriotic feelings into nationalistic ones (follow the French model) to get total support of your policy (see “Mind Control”).  

28. Don’t pay too much attention to the CIA – all they have to do is to support you with appropriate information to justify your strategic political decisions – and nothing else.  

29. Ignore the UN – Secretary General has no real power, but you can take advantage of such a thing as the UN peace-keeping if it corresponds with your interests – the US economic costs could be minimized. Besides, UN peacekeeping can promote a spirit of international accountability in solving a certain regional problem. Don’t forget to explain your strategy to the Congress – they don’t like the UN either. On the other hand, you have to manage an international crisis, if it threatens our national interests (start with strategic planning, check national security system for the adequate response, use propaganda to get domestic and international support, consult with big business and allies, start crisis negotiations if possible, use diplomacy (see below) and force or threat of force).  

30. To reach global leadership you must have enough resources, national support and a well-calculated strategy (see also “Strategic planning”). As you already know, the US budget is financed by foreign lending. When the dollar goes down in foreign exchange markets, it’s supported by foreign central banks and you’re OK as long as Japan, Saudi Arabia and Germany have an interest in propping up the American economy and do not raise the price for financing America’s debt. The worst situation would be to lose support both at home and abroad  




World domination requires :  


– economic domination  

– military power – pre-emptive war or blackmail by war (seeking domination requires an inevitable increase in the military budget)  

– a cultural and media invasion  

– special operations to influence or neutralize leaders with negative attitude  

Modern mechanism of world domination  

1. If the country does not accept American rules of the game, we start a "velvet" or "colored revolution.  

2. We replace the government by pro-American regime.  

3. If the government resists, we start the US and NATO military operation and help the anti-government organizations to overthrow the government.  


Strategies used  


1. Destabilization strategy based on terrorism – you kill political leaders and civil population, blow up government buildings and blame the opposition.  

2. Stabilization strategy – first, "terrorists" destabilize the situation in the country and then the US and NATO troops come to "stabilize' it.  

3. "New order" or a "controlled chaos” strategy – American “new world order” to be established through the international chaos, permanent wars, civil wars and revolutions.  

My definition :  

"Controlled chaos” strategy –  

geopolitical re-division of the world by provoking riots, revolutions, civil wars and overthrowing regimes in independent from USA sovereign states to keep the U. S. world hegemony. Political, national, religious and social conflicts in target countries have to be permanent. The strategy is being covered by a "struggle against international terrorism". The operation is preceded by information war against the target regime and backed by NATO forces if necessary.  


Most important targets of the 21st century – Russia and China. That’s the reason we occupy Afghanistan. We have to circle China with our military bases in Central Asia.  

4. Global energy control strategy – the US control of major oil regions and gas fields.  


To keep America on top, we would have to prevent cooperation and coalitions between: China and Africa; Shi’ia and Sunni Muslims; Germany and France; Venezuela and Cuba. Their trade agreements and alliances will change the geopolitical situation.  

In most important world regions keep the balance by supporting the country which follows the leader:  

In Europe – support Britain to balance Germany. You rule Europe if you rule the Persian Gulf. You rule the world if you rule Europe, and that’s why you have to keep NATO by all means to block the military independence of Europe (Germany).  

In East Asia – support Japan, Russia and Taiwan to balance China.  

In South Asia support Pakistan to balance India.  

In Latin America – support Argentina to balance Brazil.  






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