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By mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB spy, FBI/CIA/Secret Service "Filament', killer  

kryzhanovsky77@gmail. com  




March 20, 2017  

I got a phone call from Scott, Secret Service special agent (646-592-2686) who asked me to meet him in Rego Park Center café, Queens, New York. He was given the order to ask me if I can kill Trump. He promised he'll come alone but then he made a mistake saying that he'll bring "somebody".  

A killer.  


I had to die here on March 21, 2017 at 2. 30 PM  

That's how FBI Director Comey answered to my letter.  

March 21, 2017  

I've called the Secret Service Director Callahan's office, FBI and CIA HQs and demanded to stop the murder.  

Callahan's assistant, scared to death, promised me that the Service won't kill me.  


Schmuck Callan.  

So, I protect Hillary Clinton – Comey, Callahan and Pompeo kill me.  

And what's gonna happen if I make a decision to kill you, guys?  


Now, here's the letter.  





FBI Director  

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW  

Washington, D. C. 20535-0001  

March 8, 2017  


Dear James,  


I can't fight FBI, CIA and Secret Service anymore. I'm back to work and I'm ready to kill.  


As you know, since 1995 I, a forme KGB spy, worked for FBI and CIA as a killer "Filament"  

As you know, I've got the CIA "license to kill", I'm above the law and Constitution, FBI and CIA cover me up even if I kill the U. S. President (if ordered by FBI and CIA).  


We had a deal – I kill American politicians – FBI and CIA grant me immigration status.  


As you know, I've been ordered me to kill President Bill Clinton. The best place to do the job was his favorite "Filomena" restaurant, Washington, DC.  


I prefer "Stechkin" 9 mm gun and SVD sniper rifle – I used these tools when I worked as a sniper for KGB anti-terror "NABAT" group.  



As you know, FBI and CIA didn't guarantee my safety and I wasn't going to play Lee Harwey Oswald-2 game. I've refused to eliminate president Clinton.  


As you know, FBI and CIA pressed me very hard and I've asked President Bush to investigate the case. He sent a request to Dept of Justice but it was blocked by FBI.  



As you know, FBI special agent Eric Perry tried to put me in a special (secret) FBI jail in NYC.  

As you know, FBI and CIA asked Secret Service for a "special favor" and in 2012 their killers (Klemm, Lieneman, Gurevich – see business cards below) were hunting me in New York in 2012.  


As you know, they failed and FBI and CIA decided to give me a job again. You used the U. S. Secret Service special agent Jason Pietramica – he asked me if I want to go to Moscow. I have enough KGB intel experience, sniper experience and Russia's political leadership security experience to understand that president Putin was the target. Once Putin is killed, America starts World War III to get the mail prize – Russian resources.  

It's a suicide.  

That's why I've warned Putin on his assassination operation and he informed me that my info has been sent to Federal Protective Service which takes care of his personal security.  



From: President of The Russian Federation  

Executive Office  

Directorate for Communication  

Ilinka str, 23/16, Moscow  

September 18, 2012  



To. M. Kryzhanovsky  

We inform you the letter to you've sent via e-form was received by the President.  

The letter has been sent to the Federal Protective Service.  

A. Maksukov  

Adviser, Directorate of Communication  


Still, the operation is quite possible as nothing happened and Putin is sure it's a provocation.  


As you know, FBI and CIA are still planning to kill Bill and Hillary Clinton. Proof? Jason Pietramica recommended me, a sniper, to visit public appearances of the couple. Why? To estimate the security and be ready to eliminate both when needed, $1 mil each.  




Аs you know, FBI and CIA wanted me to kill president Obama.  

Was it Donald Trump's order, Mr. Comey?  




March 12, 2010, New York.  

Out of the blue I’ve received an invitation for a dinner with President Obama and Speaker of the House Pelosi from DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) signed by Ian Sugar, Director of Development, Hillary Clinton’s big friend. "Mike, we wanted to make sure you received this invitation for a very special occasion. We would love to have you be a part of this event. DCCC needs your support to fight for the American people. We hope to see you on May 13th in new York City".  

Clear FBI and CIA message. They wanted me to assassinate the president. I had to come to St. Regis Hotel, New York to join President Barack Obama Thursday, May 13, 2010 (St. Regis Hotel Ballroom, Two East 55th Street at Fifth Avenue, New York, New York). 6:00 p. m. – Host Committee VIP Reception 6:30 p. m. – Dinner  



I got St. Regis ballroom plan. Actually, I could eliminate “Obama” but it’s a suicide to work on the roof of the hotel. All I had to do was: buy 9mm Zig Zauer (Secret Service pistol), practice shooting in the forest upstate, come to St. Regis unarmed, disarm any Secret Service fat pig and do the job. But. I'm 40 years in espionage business and I'm always listening to what my intuition says. It was a 100% FBI/CIA pre-assassination setup – I come, they kill Obama, arrest me and kill me in a jail same day. Oswald-3 game.  

And who was interested? Who started "Obama is not the U. S. citizen! ", "Show the birth certificate! ", "Impeach Obama! " campaign?  

Was it Donald Trump? He's got has enough money to place CIA, Secret Service and FBI in his pocket..  

As you know, I have some proof. It's Jerry Corsi, WorldNetDaily political commentator best known for his New York Times bestselling books The Obama Nation, Unfit for Command and Where's Birth Certificate, personal Obama's enemy. He investigated Obama's life in details and proved that the president wasn't born in USA and his presidency is illegal.  

The WorldNetDaily (WND) is a very popular and influential radical Conservative website which supported Donald Trump's very aggressive anti-Obama campaign to remove him from the office as a fake US citizen.  


April 12, 2012, Queens, S. Richmond Hill, New York  


Jerry Corsi came to see me (he lives in New Jersey) after we communicated for couple of days via e-mail about our anti-Obama investigations. Corsi brought me his book "Where's Birth Certificate" and gave it to me for "my courage". We talked about three hours at the nearest café. He was impressed by my experience as a spy and KGB sniper. We made arrangements for the next meeting and Corsi promised me some big and important job.  


May 20, 2012, same place  

Corsi brought a simple anti-Obama conspiracy plan. A big fake.  

I had to go back to Russia and find two former KGB officers who allegedly knew that Obama was working for KGB intelligence. These officers had to write down personal statements and didn't have to sign them with their legal names. I come back with the papers and "anonymous sponsor" pays me through Corsi $50, 000. Sponsor wants to remove Obama from the Oval Office.  

Anonymous rich sponsor paying cash. Trump?  

Money was big, but there was a problem. CIA was watching me on the daily basis and I could never leave USA alive for this conspiracy trip.  

Corsi was angry – I understood him. If Trump was behind the FBI/CIA operation and I could get $50, 000, WND guys and Corsi could get a million.  

I said "No".  


As you know, after that FBI is planning to kill president Trump. Most probably, he wanted to kill Obama and now Trump is a very dangerous as the FBI/CIA former customer and a witness.  

As you know, that's why you've ordered to wiretap the Trump Tower phones – it's an essential part of the assassination operation as you have to know his plans and trips to place a sniper in a right place in a right time.  

If you want me to kill president Trump, I can start preparing the operation. I'll charge you $1 mil for the job.  



It depends om you, James – for Trump any day could be the last day.  


Finally, as you know (I've mentioned this above) FBI has to kill Hillary Clinton. As you know, I've told her about FBI/CIA "Bill Clinton" operation and she's also a dangerous witness.  

As you remember, FBI pressed me very hard to get me back.  

I've asked Senator Hillary Clinton for help with my family reunion. She was scared to mess with FBI and CIA (every politician feels same way after they've assassinated JFK). So, I had to blackmailed Hillary and explain to her that I've saved her husband's life. She had no choice, I've trapped her.  


Still, Hillary tried to get out, and six months later I've called her Office Director and made a statement that I'm going to talk to media. I was ready to announce that Senator Clinton was, probably, involved in her husband's planned murder because she didn't want to investigate the case and she didn't want to help me.  

Finally, my blackmailed worked – see the result.  




Thank you, James.  

You've got my contact information.  


Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB spy and "Nabat" anti-terror sniper,, FBI and CIA "Filament" expert, killer  

kryzhanovsky77@gmail. com  


P. S. The 2006 RNC Platinum Card card I didn't ask for was, probably, an incentive to kill Obama and Clintons. Trump – if needed.  



BONUS 1. Why Obama wiretapped Tump Tower  


Go to PAGE 2  




March 4, 2016  


President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of having his "wires tapped" in Trump Tower before the 2016 election. "Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism! " Trump said in a tweet..  

Explanation is simple – it's not Obama, it's Putin's order. It's a regular KGB practice when they check one asset through another one – both of them work for Putin. Obama – since 1978 as KGB intelligence illegal officer, Trump – since 2013 as SVR (former KGB) asset.  




BONUS 2. Trump is behind 9/11  

Trump was happy when the tragedy happened, because he could make a fortune out of it. In an interview on MSNBC in 2005, Trump pushed a proposal that would have rebuilt the World Trade Center's iconic Twin Towers, with the only difference being the tower's five stories taller. Instead of going with Trump's plans, New York City officials opted to build the 1776-foot-tall Freedom Tower at the site of the World Trade Center. The 94 story building opened in July 2013 after seven years on construction.  



More than anything, Trump wants to know if there are any traces, evidence, documents on his involvement (financing) the "9/11" operation.  

And – to blame anybody – Saudis, for example. And – cover CIA, blaming them for doing nothing.  

That's why in February, 2016 she asked the voters :" Elect me and you'll find out who really knocked down the Twin Towers. Because they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out. I know that the CIA and various other agencies knew that something bad was going to happen and they did nothing about it. They got it wrong".  


Now, what's "9/11" CIA Operation?  


September 11, 2001  



1. Objectives.  

To blame al-Qaeda, to invade Iraq, to get oil..  

2. Preparation.  

As we already know, underboss Bill Clinton allowed bin Laden to escape in 1998.  

CIA undercover, a ”terrorist”, explained to bin-Laden his idea, an unusual plan to attack America. The plan approved, the first terrorists sent to USA.  

CIA allowed another group of terrorists, no links to al-Qaeda, to pack Twin Towers with explosives. Right after that, the second team was eliminated, their bodies burnt.  

3. Action.  

September 11, 2001  

19 al-Qaeda terrorists boarded 4 jets. Right after that they were arrested, taken away and killed. Their bodies burnt.  

8 a. m. EDT. American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 92 people on board, took off from Boston’s Logan international Airport to Los Angeles.  

8:14 a. m. United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 with 65 people on board, took off from Logan to Los Angeles.  

8:21 a. m. American Airlines flight 77, a Boeing 757 with 64 people on board, took off from Washington Dulles International Airport for Los Angeles.  

8:41 a. m. United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 with 44 people on board, took off from Newark International Airport for San Francisco.  

After 4 jets took off, their pilots were ordered emergency landing on one of the military bases where crews and passengers boarded a special military jet packed with explosives. It exploded in the air and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Two other empty jets, guided by autopilots, with explosives crashed into Twin Towers.  


Cruise missile hit Pentagon.  


BONUS 3. How to torture and kill Americans (FBI and CIA request).  




Torture is a category of methods of interrogation designed to shock, hurt and humiliate the object and get information or to make him do something (if used for blackmail).  


Points to remember:  

–ongoing torture decreases pain sensitivity  

–people with strong will power take torture as a test  

–resistance to torture is often a form of hysterics after arrest  

–the object could take himself as a martyr if you torture him too much  

–torture could damage object’s psyche and you won’t be able to work with him (that’s why we keep terrorists in Guantanamo Bay without trial – we turn them into idiots)  

–people usually trust "after torture information" more than voluntary confessions  

–there are different types of torture and professionals often combine them  


Techniques of psychological torture include:  

– fake execution  

– complete isolation ("wall therapy")  

– daylight deprivation  

– forcible narcotics addiction. Here you can use depressants, stimulants, opiates or hallucinogens : depressants (alcohol, barbiturates, anti -anxiety drugs  

with effects of euphoria, tension reduction,, muscle relaxation, drowsiness; stimulants (cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), with effects of fast  

euphoria, exhilaration, high physical and mental energy, reduced appetite, perceptions of power, and sociability; hallucinogens with effects of euphoria, hallucinations, distorted perceptions and sensations  

–making the object observe others being tortured (such as family members)  

–abuse of object’s national, religious feelings or political views)  


The effects of psychological torture are: anxiety, depression, fear, psychosis, difficulty concentrating, communication disabilities, insomnia, impaired memory, headaches, hallucinations, sexual disturbances, destruction of self-image, inability to socialize  


Techniques of physical torture include:  

–food, water, sleep deprivation  

–damage to vital body organs (brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, private parts) plus electric shock. The brain is particularly dependent on a continuous and stable supply of oxygen and glucose.  


–face deformation  

–water cure ( the torturer pours water down the throat of the subject to inflict the terror of drowning. Or – the subject is tied or held don in a chair, his face is covered with a cloth or plastic sheet, and water is poured slowly or quickly over his face to encourage him to talk).  


The effects of physical torture are: extreme (unbearable) pain, hypertension, fatigue, cardiopulmonary and other disorders, brain atrophy.  





Shooting, explosives or poison (cyanides, curare). Use a sniper or a "mouse" car (loaded with explosives and parked on the object’s route) if access to the object is impossible because of high security. Anyway, the murder is obvious and investigation is inevitable.  

General scheme.  

The best thing to do is to recruit or " install" somebody with access to the object’s security system and get information on his schedule (plus health and habits), places where he likes to relax. Try to gain access to his phone.  

Then prepare the plan and train three groups: surveillance (with optics and radios), action (includes snipers, explosives technicians or staged accidents specialists), and security (these people neutralize bodyguards, witnesses and other people who could interrupt the action; they complete the action if the action group fails; and they can neutralize the action group later, if planned so; they "cover" the safe retreat of action group and "cut" the chase).  

For some operations you can modify the ammunition to make it more deadly – hollow cuts in the tip of the bullets will cause the lead to fragment upon impact, making a huge exit hole. You reach same effect using bullets with a drop of mercury in a hollow tip and you can also coat bullets with arsenic or cyanide. Use depleted, non-radioactive uranium bullets (uranium is much heavier than lead – it can be used to make a bullet with a smaller slug and a larger portion of explosive). Teflon bullets are good because with Teflon’s antifriction characteristics they pierce bullet proof vests.  


Staged accidents (suicides, catastrophes, drowning or fall, robbery or rape followed by murder, technical accident (fire, electricity, gas), drugs, weapons, poison, explosives misuse. Also, staged natural death (stroke, heart attack, chronic illness as a result of using special technical devices like irradiation).  



Name: Diana Spencer, Princess of Great Britain.  

Date of birth: July 1, 1961.  

Date of death: August 31, 1997 (murdered). At 12. 20 A. M. her car left from the Ritz Hotel in Paris, and in 10 minutes it crashed into the pillar under the Place d’Alma Tunnel.  

Method: staged car accident. Two more persons died – Dodi Al-Fayed, her boyfriend and Henri Paul, a driver. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived.  


Question # 1. What was the rush?  

Mohammed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father, Egyptian-born tycoon, mlti-millionaire, the owner of Harrods super department store and the Paris Ritz, claims that British intelligence [why intelligence? why not counter-espionage service? not special police unit? – M. K. ] killed the couple to prevent their marriage and prevent a Muslim from becoming the stepfather of the future king. OK. On August 30 Dodi Al-Fayed bought some ring for Diana and maybe it was engagement ring, and maybe the ring “pushed” MI6 to kill Diana next day, August 31, and maybe on the order of the British Royal Family, i. e. Queen Elizabeth. So, the Royal Family and MI6 had 24 hours only to : make a decision, make a plan, make a team, send the team to Paris, start physical and technical surveillance, prepare another operation to cover up this one (don’t forget, it’s France, not Great Britain), and what was the rush? Some mysterious ring? Leave me alone.  

Answer # 1.  

It was a well-prepared special operation (staged accident and it had nothing to do with any rings, royal engagements or marriages.  

Question # 2.  

What happened to the driver, “poor” the Ritz security chief Henri Paul, with $35, 000 a year and $420, 000 (almost half a million bucks! ) banking account? Looks like a perfect CIA insider (I’m not going to discuss rumors on his connection to the French and British intelligence – it’ll take us nowhere). And a very important thing about the professional driver is – it’s not a problem to hit his own car and kill his passengers. OK.  

Henri Paul was assigned at the last minute to drive the couple on August 31 from the Ritz back door (to elude the paparazzi). He tried to out-run paparazzi by speeding down a Riverfront Expressway, but lost somehow control of the Mercedes S280 near the entrance to the Alma Tunnel and crashed into a concrete pillar at an estimated speed of 65 to 70 miles per hour. He died on impact of a severed spine and a ruptured aorta. He wasn’t drunk and he didn’t smell alcohol. Blood samples showed he had alcohol level equal to 3 bottles of wine. The tests showed also extraordinary high (not explained until now) level of carbon monoxide in his blood (20. 7 %), which should have caused a severe headache, dizziness, confusion and absolute aversion to alcohol. Very heavy smokers can have a level of up to 9%, and Henri Paul wasn’t a heavy smoker. There were no ventilation problems in his apartment, office or car. The gas didn’t appear from inside Mercedes because no other passanger was affected.  

Answer #2.  

I told in Spies Identification about “grabbing another end of the rope” method – let’s modify it now. If you ask me to stage same car accident followed by investigation with the same findings and evidence, I would give the driver a special substance (with water or food) which produces symptoms described above.  

Question #3.  

Official French investigation concluded (and I agree) that there was a collision between the Mercedes and a white Fiat Uno ( auxiliary operation to “help” Henri Paul who had to be be quite sick by that time). The prime suspect appeared to be James Andanson, a paparazzo who stalked Diana before, the owner of the same car, but investigation didn’t find enough proof to charge him with the murder. On May 4, 2000 he was found dead (burnt) in his burnt BMW in a wood, 190 miles from his home.  

Answer #3.  

To make a long story short – it’s a regular “cover-up” operation. They’ve killed James Andanson in France for the same reason they’ve killed Lee Harvey Oswald in USA, before investigation could find the proof he had nothing to do with the case. Because right conclusions move investigators forward and in a new direction, and closer to to the top.  

Question #4.  

In 1999 the Defense Secretary Chief of Staff Tobert Tyrer reviewd at Mohammed Al-Fayed’s request the DOD documents (? ) and reported that they bore no relations to Diana’s death. The request (I’m sorry) was stupid and the answer was a joke.  

In 2000 Al-Fayed made a desperate move – he tried, through the Columbia District Court to obtain the CIA (London and Paris stations), National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of State, FBI, Executive Offiece of United State Attorneys, INS and Secret Service “records pertaining to the deaths of Diana and Dodi”. (I can’t imagine what his lawyers hoped to get from INS). He got zero and then offered $1 million for reliable information.  

In 2006 the reports in the British press claimed that the United States government agencies were listening to her phone calls; the eavesdropping was right up to her death, including calls from the Ritz Hotel, where she was staying that night. The CIA and Secret Service officials denied listening in on Diana’s calls. The National Security Agency said it never tatrgeted Diana for eavesdropping, but indicated her name was mentioned in calls by other people it was monitoring. Officials said that the NSA could have accidentally picked up telephone intercepts of Diana while targeting someone else, such as another Ritz guest.  

Now I can give a British billionaire Al-Fayed a professional advice : don’t waste your time and recruit insider in CIA.  

Answer #4.  

I couldn’t understand why they’ve killed her and why Mohammed Al-Fayed made the attempt to get CIA files on Diana, until in 2005 the info appeared about Diana’s 1995 meeting with John Kennedy Jr. in Carlyle Hotel in NYC, the same place President Kennedy used for romantic dates with Marilyn Monroe. The meeting wasn’t a date – they talked about President Kennedy’s assassination and possible cooperation in its investigation. CIA taped the conversation and that was the beginning of her and his end.  


Name: John Kennedy Jr., the “George” magazine publisher.  

Date of birth: November 25, 1960.  

Date of death: July 16, 1999 (murdered).  

Method: staged air crash. Two more persons died – his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren Besset.  

Reason: John Kennedy declared investigation of his father’s death the aim of his life.  

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