Putin and his crimes. Case #38. 9/11 : Putin/Trump - dead men walking. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky.

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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB and CIA, the author of the White House Special Handbook, Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook.  

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Case #1. Putin ordered 9/11 attacks with 3, 000 killed  


There’s a connection to some important names and facts.  


Alexander Sakharovsky, Colonel General, Chief of KGB First Directorate (espionage) in 1956-1971. "The father of international terrorism". The airplane hijacking was his his own invention, as he explained to Ion Pacepa, Chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Romania in 1971.  

Victor Vladimirov, Colonel General, a former Chief of KGB «V» Department in 19661970 (KGB sabotage and terror operations in Washington, London, Paris, Rome and Bonne), and KGB «RT» Department Chief in 1984-1987 (recruiting foreigners on the Soviet territory and sending secret sources abroad).  

Here are just a few Department “V” operations.  

KGB”Vostok” Operation. In March, 1970, The Soviet navy's reconnaissance ship Kursograf delivered guns, machine guns, RPG launchers, grenades, sniper rifles, landmines and roadside charges with remote detonators for Wadi Haddad, the head of operations at the PFLP. On September 6, 1970, at Habbad order and under his supervision, PFLP terrorists, trained by KGB and armed with the weapons delivered by KGB, hijacked five jet airliners bound for New York City and one bound for London.  

On May 9, 1972, a flight operated by the Belgian airlines Sabena from Vienna to Tel Aviv, was taken over by four members of the Palestinian Black September movement.  

On June 27, 1976, two PFLP members and two from Germany's Baader-Meinhof Gang, hijacked an Air France plane on a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris.  

In January, 1987, I, KGB intelligence officer, and two other spies who worked in Afghanistan during Soviet invasion in 80s, met Vladimirov while he was touring KGB regional offices. He, informed us that in USA FBI blocked espionage activity of KGB offices under cover of Soviet diplomats. That's why we have to intensify our efforts by sending more secret sourses to America. He, the top KGB specialist in terror, meant sending terrorists in the first place. No doubt, in 2001, Putin ordered General Shlyakhturov, the Military Intelligence Department Chief, and Russian Intelligence (SVR, KGB successor) Director Lebedev to plan the attack, use (recruit) or set up Osama bin Laden to blow up America. The object (Twin Towers) and the number of victims, up to 3000 people, were well calculated. The Russian military (espionage) satelllites were used for technical support of the 9/11 operation.  

THE REASON: It was extremely important for Putin to re-direct radical Islam vector from Russia to the USA.  

If FBI starts investigation into Putin's «The Boomerang» and establish connection between SVR and al-Qaeda, the Interpol international warrant against Putin has to be issued. And there might be a ground for a military operation against his regime.  


Case #2. And that's how Putin helped KGB asset Trump to make billions on 9/11 tragedy  


May 18, 2005, New York  

Donald Trump speaks during a news conference presenting a model of a proposed design for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site May 18, 2005 in New York City. Trump pushed a proposal that would have rebuilt the World Trade Center's twin towers, with the only difference being the tower's being five stories taller. Instead of going with Trump's plans, New York City officials opted to build the 1776-foot-tall Freedom Tower at the site of the World Trade Center. The 94 story building opened in July 2013 after seven years on construction.  

In an interview on MSNBC in 2005, a decade before starting his run for president, Trump called the Freedom Tower "disgusting" and a "junk yard. " "I would rather have nothing than what they're building, " Trump said. "It was a terrible design; it was designed by an egghead architect who doesn't have a lot of experience designing something like this. "

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