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New York  


September 10, 2011, New York  

There are good people on the Internet, patriots who care about  America and, as it turned out, about my life. An anonymous person appeared (nickname  "Simple").        Here's the talk.  

– Hi, Mike. There are people who support you.  

– Hi. And who are you?  

– It doesn't matter. I've dug up some stuff here, opened  couple of files... It turns out, you are included in the list of the 25 most dangerous individuals who are constantly monitored by the FBI, the CIA, the NSA [National Security Agency – MK] and even the RUMO [Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense – MK]. Dot worry, my computer  protected, because I work at a special place. Do you know about all this?  

– No. And how did you get the files?  

– I hacked it when I stayed in the office after work, although I may get into trouble for it if they find out. But I did it anyway.  

– Can I see  full information?  

– You know, I didn't get too far, it's dangerous. I say what I saw.  

– I wonder why the RUMO has got a case on me?  

–Aren't you afraid of the others? " You should be. You know what? The US intelligence community is a rare mess, everyone is doing someone else's double work, and everyone is working poorly. Interns like me can get into top secret files and no one could see. A mess. So I did it.  

– Anyway, I don't understand what RUMO has to do with it.  

– To be honest, I myself do not understand why so many special services are so interested. Although... a former KGB officer who does whatever he wants in the States – I'm also surprised that your wanted photo doesn't hang at every police station.  

– Can I look at the files sometime?  

– I'll see what I can do. I'll be back.  


The end.

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