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Time does not slow down.  

Time does not speed up.  

Spacetime  does not «curve. »  

Because time has nothing to do with space and it has a function of its own.  

Because time has nothing to do with a clock.  

Because the function of time is to kill.  

Because time, a global killer, is  E V E R Y W H E R E.  

Because time has nothing to do with gravity.  

Because time appears once matter appears and disappears if there’s no more matter left  


Every and all other laws and theories on time are fakes.  


Space does not exist. At all. Just time and matter.  


Anything physicists make goes to advanced weapons production or to solve immortality problem.  


Do you know why AI is very dangerous for us?  

Because first thing a real AI robot do – he'll eliminate all human beings on the planet, so nobody could turn him off. Clear?  



My time machine/wormhole. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky  

Video link: blob:https://twitter. com/5afe9a39-5d5e-4866-b5df-edcadd3e501b  


If UFO comes and an alien appeared in front of me he would be.... my double!  


$1 million dollar question.  

But I'm m gonna change it a little bit: a human being is animal, who has to do daily 2 things only: eat and sleep. My question is: we do have brain, a superpowerful computer? 99. 999% of people work for food and and place to sleep, doing mechanical job: office, construction, food industry, etc, etc, etc,  

Why do we have a supercomputer we don't need? Why evolution didn't turn it off thousands years ago? Let's think about it, my friends.  


Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, the author of the White House Special Handbook.  

kryzhanovsky7777@gmail. com  

New York

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