Putin and his crimes. Case #59. Putin/Trump: secret talks. Full script. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB spy and CIA "Filament", the author of the White House Special Handbook, Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook.  

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In 1991 Sioviet Union, the nuclear superstate, collapsed. How?  

President Reagan pressed Arab oilers and they put enough stuff on the market to drop the prices and kill the Soviet economy which depended mostly on oil export. In 2000 Vladimir Putin, a former KGB spy, was elected the President of Russia, a former Soviet republic. He called the USSR collapse "the tragedy of the century′.  

Putin made a strategic decision to destroy the USA by recruiting the U. S. presidents who can disable the power, destroy America′s economy, inflame revolution or civil war, cut the country and the nation into pieces, provoke the total collapse of the States. It′a a revenge.  

It′s "The Boomerang" operation.  

America′s death.  



Episode 1. Introduction  

Episode 2. Putin : 9/11  

Episode 4. Putin – Flynn, a happy general  

Episode 5. Putin-Trump : recruitment  

Episode 6. Putin : JFK problem  

Episode 7. Putin-Trump, Hamburg  

Episode 8. Putin – Ivanka  

Episode 9. Putin-Trump, Helsinki  






Episode 1. Introduction.  


January 6, 2008  

Hillary Clinton: " He [Putin] was a KGB agent. By definition he doesn’t have a soul"  


Revenge came in 6 months.  


 June 6, 2008  

  Bilderberg Club meeting, Westfields Marriott Hotel, Chantilly, Northern Virginia.  


Hillary and Obama were invited for the Bilderberg Club meeting.  

  Next day, June 7, Hillary announced she's out of the race. Both Obama and Hillary tried to keep this meeting a secret. Bilderberg Club rules the world and they ordered Hillary Clinton to leave the presidential race.  

  Henry Kissinger is the oldest permanent member of the club and the best friend of Putin, Russian President. Kissinger used to come and meet Putin in Moscow every year, 2000 through 2012. The talks were secret.  






September 10, 2011  

A chat with anonymous hacker, NSA intern, on Internet.  

HACKER. Mike, I did some digging..... you′re on the FBI, CIA, NSA [National Security Agency – M. K. ], and even DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency – M. K. ] top 25 watch list....don’t worry, I have this page secured, but damn, did you know this?  

KRYZHANOVSKY. How you got it?  

HACKER. Well I didn’t find it on Wiki! I had to hack, do some "overtime" work in the office, wasn′t supposed to, but did it anyway.  

KRYZHANOVSKY. Can I see this info?  

HACKER. I didn’t dare lift it.  

KRYZHANOVSKY. Most interesting is DIA.  

HACKER. Not really. You′d be surprised, the USA intelligence community is a mess, everybody does everybody else’s work, and does it badly.  


HACKER. Interns can view classified files from work without anyone noticing, its pathetic that I did what I just did, I shouldn’t have been able to but I could.  

KRYZHANOVSKY. Still, I′d like to know what DIA wants.  

HACKER. I have no idea why they find you a subject of such high interest. Ex KGB officer living in the United States. I′d say with all you′ve done, I′m surprised you′re not on every list.  

KRYZHANOVSKY. So, can I have a look?  

HACKER. I haven’t done any lifts yet, as long as you don’t "touch" anything, its harder to trace, I′ll see what I can do. I′ll get back to you.  


EPISODE 2. Putin : 9/11  


9/11 Operation  


September 11, 2001, 11. 00 AM  

Strategic Surveillance Center, underground secret facility, Military Intelligence Dept of the General Staff, Moscow  

Putin, General Shlyakhturov, Chief, Military intelligence Dept, Lebedev, Director, Russian Intelligence (SVR)  


PUTIN. Good morning, comrades. For some people it's a good morning, but for many people it's the last one. What's the estimate?  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Good morning, comrade President. We think, it's between two and four thousands Americans.  

PUTIN. So, what's the story?  

LEBEDEV. As you know, airplane hijacking was KGB Intelligence Chief Sakharovsky's invention. Mass terror isn't something we ever tried on the USA, but "The Boomerang" operation strategy gives us the opportunity to try it. Besides, we set up al Qaeda and bin Laden, whose guys killed thirteen thousands Soviet soldiers and officers in Afghanistan in 1979-1989.  

PUTIN. OK, now, what we get out of it? I mean, strategic objective.  

LEBEDEV. We get America into very expensive and useless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, up to 10, 000 soldiers and up to $500 billion worrth.  

PUTIN. Not bad. How you've set up bin Laden?  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Our undercover, a ”terrorist”, explained to him an unusual plan to attack America. The plan approved, the first team of terrorists sent to USA. They took the courses on how to operate the "Boeing", take off only.  

LEBEDEV. FBI got the information on the "strange" students, but our agent, FBI Director Mueller, blocked it.  

PUTIN. "Passive sabotage" again?  

LEBEDEV. Why not? It worked good with JFK.. PUTIN. it did. Next?  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Another group of terrorists, no links to al-Qaeda, packed Twin Towers with explosives. Right after that, we eliminated the second team, their bodies burnt.  

PUTIN. And today is the day.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich. We'recorded the operation on tape, ready to show you.  

PUTIN. Eliminate the tape, no evidence.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Yes, comrade President. We'll see everything on the main screen, I mean, the final phase of the operation, New York, Twin Towers, on the main screen and then Pentagon and Pennsylvania. We start. Pay attention to four monitors to your left.  

PUTIN. People boarding jets.  

LEBEDEV. You see nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists boarding for Boeing jets in Boston, Washington and Newark, first three go to Los Angeles, the last one – to San Francisco.  

PUTIN. No more passengers.  

LEBEDEV. Right now our people arrest terrorists, kill them with the knives, pack in plastic bags, throw through the back airplane hatches and take away. Five minutes. Wait...  

PUTIN. Wow! Good job. Who secured the airport?  

LEBEDEV. Mueller. Now other passengers board the airplanes. Nobody could see anything, including the terrorists' associates who might watch from the airport  


SHLYAKHTUROV. Now jets take off one by one, 165 passengers altogether plus crew members.  

LEBEDEV. After 4 jets took off, their pilots were ordered emergency landing on one of the military bases where crews and passengers boarded a special military jet packed with explosives. It exploded in the air and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Two other empty jets, guided by autopilots, with explosives crashed into Twin Towers.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Look. 8:46:40: Flight 11 crashes into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99. The aircraft enters the tower intact. 9:03:00: Flight 175 crashes into the south face of the South Tower (2 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 77 and 85. Parts of the plane, including the starboard engine, leave the building from its east and north sides, falling to the ground six blocks away. 9:37:46: Flight 77 crashes into the western side of The Pentagon and starts a violent fire. 10:03:11: Flight 93 crashes southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  

PUTIN. Good. Eliminate the tape and kill the team involved. Now.  

LEBEDEV. Yes, Vladimir Vladimir Vladimirovich. We kill Mueller?  

PUTIN. Not now. Thank you comrades, it was very impressive. I want to tell you why are we killing America and I want you deliver my message to every officer at your departments.  

We have to protect our country, because Russia is the economic target of the World War III. We have the world's largest reserves of mineral and energy resources, the world's largest forest reserves and its lakes contain 25% of the world's fresh water. Russia is energy superpower : #1 in the world in natural gas reserves, #8 in oil reserves and #2 in coal reserves. The world sources of energy (oil, gas, uranium, coal) are rapidly coming to an end. At the same time China, India, Brazil, Indonesia are rapidly growing. China is increasing its economy (GDP, gross domestic product) by 10% a year – in 5 years there will be 1, 5 China, 1, 15 India, 1, 5 Brazil, 1, 15 Indonesia. 9 billion people on Earth with energy, food and fresh water supplies coming to an end in the next 25-40 years. That means that 500 million Europeans and 300 million Americans have to lower their standards of living – and they will not accept this. The only way out – to get Russian resources to preserve the Western standards of living. Clear?  

LEBEDEV. Absolutely.  

PUTIN. Talking about today’s successful operation. It's extremely important for Russia to re-direct radical Islam vector. It goes through Afghanistan and then through Muslim Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan (former Soviet republics) to Muslim Tatarstan and Muslim Chechnya, constituent republics of Russian federation. We’ll re-direct it to Europe and the USA. I'll stay here for the rest of the day and watch America suffer. Alone...  


EPISODE 4. Putin – Flynn, a happy general  


December 10, 2015, Moscow, 6. 00 PM  

The gala dinner in honor of Russia′s RT television network  

PUTIN. Mike, we can′t talk much at the table, you know.  

FLYNN. I know. Thank you for invitation.  

PUTIN. Thank for your work for us. My presence here, next to you at the table is a sign of appreciation.  

FLYNN. It′s an honor, Mr. President.  

PUTIN. As a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, what do you think about Trump?  

FLYNN. My Wall Street sources tell me he′s the next president. I′m sure he′ll be elected.  

PUTIN. Military support?  

FLYNN. Generals adore Hillary, but veterans love Trump.  

PUTIN. He′ll start the war?  

FLYNN. Big one?  

PUTIN. The biggest.  

FLYNN. No, he has no balls for that, he′s doesn′t look presidential and he′ll not act presidential. Joint Chiefs of Staff think so too.  

PUTIN. Are you sure?  

FLYNN. Absolutely.  

PUTIN. Good news on Joint Chiefs. So, we have to bury Hillary.  

FLYNN. Hillary is immortal, but she has health problems, stoke, you know, next one can come any minute.  

PUTIN. Where′s technology moving?  

FLYNN. Defense Innovation Initiative and its Long-Range Research and Development Planning Program that helps identify, develop, and field breakthroughs in robotics, autonomous systems, miniaturization, big data and advanced manufacturing, including 3-D printing.  

PUTIN. It′s a long way, we′ll be ready for American challenge.  

FLYNN. I know, you′ll complete army reform by 2020, so you′re OK.  

PUTIN. If Hillary wins the campaign, what you get in her administration or the Cabinet?  

FLYNN. Nothing.  

PUTIN. Trump?  

FLYNN. Ivanka called me recently. Looks like National Security Adviser position.  

PUTIN. You′ll get it, I′ll take care of it. Now, let′s talk business. You have to push the "Marshal Plan".  

FLYNN. I know, it′s a U. S. -Russian partnership to build and operate nuclear plants and export the spent fuel under strict controls. At no cost to U. S. taxpayers. It would be funded entirely by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, and the cost for the kingdom would be close to a trillion dollars.  

PUTIN. Right. And we would provide the nuclear fuel and take back the spent-fuel waste, an end-to-end operation designed to ensure nothing got diverted towards a nuclear weapons program.  

FLYNN. What should i do?  

PUTIN. You′ll go to to Egypt and Israel to gauge attitudes in Cairo and Jerusalem toward a plan. And we′ll pay you, don′t worry. Thank you again. I have to leave. Good luck.  

FLYNN. No problem, I understand. Thank you.  

January 5, 2017, New York,  

Flynn, Kushner, and former chief strategist Steve Bannon greeted King of Jordan Abdullah II at the Four Seasons hotel in lower Manhattan, then took off in a fleet of SUVs to a different location. The nuclear proposal, known as the Marshall Plan, was at the center of the discussion...  


EPISODE 5. Putin-Trump : recruitment  


May 8, 2012, Putin’s office, Kremlin, Moscow,  

7. 00 PM  


Putin and Mikhail Fradkov, KGB Intelligence Director  

PUTIN. Mikhail, what happened to Trump?  

FRADKOV. Two undercover officers met him at Trump Plaza and made an offer he couldn’t refuse.  

PUTIN. Trump Tower in Moscow?  

FRADKOV. Exactly. We give him green light for his project in Moscow – he’s working for us in New York and Washington, DC. He was ready to for the deal, but he was scared to death when my guys asked him to sign the paper on cooperation with our agency.  

PUTIN. Hm. If you can’t buy Trump, sell him.  

FRADKOV. I understand. We gonna catch the fish anyway.  

PUTIN. He’s a pervert, think about that. Compromise son of a bitch, blackmail and recruite. He’s crazy about presidency to feed his megalomania and we’ll help him. Any ideas?  

FRADKOV. He’s coming to Moscow next year, November 9, 2017, to f*** best girls on the planet.  

PUTIN. Miss Universe 2013 pageant, I know. How many agents you put around him?  

FRADKOV. Aras Agalarov, developer, and his son Emin are his partners with the project.  

PUTIN. Good choice, both are Kremlin friends.  

FRADKOV. Yes, and Donald, asshole wants to meet you, comrade President – I got the tape, if you want to listen…  

PUTIN. No. Don’t let him screw the beauties, get the orgy with your girls.  

FRADKOV. I got a three female officers team. Ready for “golden shower’, “pig slave”, anything at Ritz Carlton. Trap is there.  

PUTIN. Bring me the tape after you recruit him.  


November 10, 2013, Ritz Carlton presidential suit, Moscow  

10. 30 PM  

TRUMP. Come in, it’s open! Wow, three babies! But I’ve paid for one, don’t have extra cash, sorry.  

THE GIRL. I’m the one, my name is Natasha, the other two wanted to see you, Mr. Trump – the can watch us if you don’t mind. You are very popular in Russia, sir, and millions are watching the pageant.  

TRUMP. I don’t mind, they can stay and play with us. I don’t have cash on me, but I can make any of you next Miss universe if you are in game. Let’s drink first. To Russia and president Putin who’ll meet me tomorrow!  

NATASHA. Cheers! And what’s the game, my Master?  

TRUMP. It’s simple. Get naked, girls too.  

NATASHA. Girls, Come on! Ready, Master.  

TRUMP. Now, get on top of the bed. Stand still, don’t break it. It’s a special one – President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle slept on it.  

NATASHA. Yes, sir, join us then!  

TRUMP. No sex. Take a pee on the bed and I’ll tape you. Is there a problem?  

NATASHA. No problem, sir.  

TRUMP. Do it…Good, well done. Get dressed and leave.  

NATASHA. OK, sir…  


12. 30 AM  

TRUMP. Who’s there?! Who are you?! Security!  

NIKOLAEV. Sorry, Mr. Trump, the door was open. It won’t take long…  

TRUMP. Get the hell out of here! Security!  

NIKOLAEV. My name is Victor Nikolaev, KGB Intelligence. And here’s the tape. Bye.  

TRUMP. Wait… What tape?  

NIKOLAEV. Let’s watch it, it’s 5 minutes.  

TRUMP. No. You failed in New York, but you’ve trapped me here. Now what?  

NIKOLAEV. Now we want friendship and your signature. Here’s the pen and paper.  

TRUMP. OK, I lose, you win. Still, what I get out of it?  

NIKOLAEV. Sit down, relax. Booze?  

TRUMP. No.  

NIKOLAEV. There’s a protocol. Write down: “"I, Donald Trump, agree to help KGB and the government of Russia to improve Russian-American relations. I′ll sign my confidential reports with the alias "Tom". November 10, 2013".  

TRUMP. I’ll make the biggest scandal in the history, Your tape is a fake. I’ll talk to media tomorrow.  

NIKOLAEV. Any miracle lasts for three days. I think, you just want to know why we want you so bad that we tried twice. We’ll get you the Oval Office.  

TRUMP. You?! The Oval Office?! And …?  

NIKOLAEV. And you’ll break America into pieces.  

TRUMP. Wow!  

NIKOLAEV. There are people who’ll do the job in America. And tell you what to do. All I want is your signature. It’s a protocol, sorry. So?  

TRUMP. I’ll do it… Here… Why “Tom”?  

NIKOLAEV. It’s KGB tradition – your last name and alias, first letter has to be the same. Thank you Mr. Trump, you won’t regret it…  


November 11, 2013  

2. 00 PM  

SVR headquarters, Yasenevo, Moscow suburb  


FRADKOV. Comrade Nikolaev, my congratulations. Good job.  

NIKOLAEV. Thank you, comrade Direktor.  

FRADKOV. I′ve informed President Putin about Trump′s recruitment. He approved it. Now we have to work hard to implement the "Boomerang" operation.  

NIKOLAEV. I understand.  

FRADKOV. Trump is a big agent and you have to keep it a top secret. He′s 71, but as a source he′s young and unexperienced.  

NIKOLAEV. Special handling rules?  

FRADKOV. Of course. Do not tell Trump about problems and mistakes of the agency, about your personal problems, about other agents, about his own file and compromising information you have on him. No classified documents – you might provoke him to sell the information to somebody else. No trust – he can use us to compromise their personal enemies. Never criticize him- be an adviser. Don’t talk straight if he avoids cooperation or brings you garbage – just reduce or stop payments, or get rid of him. You lose Trump if you don’t pay him for a job well done, ask him to "produce" fake information or if you don’t care about his personal security and his personal problems.  

NIKOLAEV. Poison?  

FRADKOV. We never give poison to the agents for security reason, Trump isn’t an exception.  

And President Putin recommended us to treat Trump as top agent, but not as the U. S. President.  

NIKOLAEV. Job, espionage, no diplomacy?  

FRADKOV. Exactly. Regular job, regular procedure, bend him down a little bit, OK?  

NIKOLAEV. Yes. it′s not very hard to manipulate a schizophrenic.  

FRADKOV. He is the one. Here′s the research our Intelligence Institute completed recently. Read it.  

NIKOLAEV. Hostility, suspiciousness, extreme reaction to criticism, irrational statements : "We build the anti--Mexican wall and Mexico will pay for it". Delusions of grandeur, Trump believes that he is on a mission to save America, malignant narcissism. Unpredictable or inappropriate emotional responses – "I can kill anybody in the street! " Bizarre behavior – he treats women as sexual slaves. Thinking and speech disorganized, speech often includes putting together meaningless words that can′t be understood ("word salad"). That means he′s usually promising to fix everything (healthcare, immigration, Palestinian problem) but has no idea what to do. Trump′s motor behavior in public is disorganized. His appearances end up in unpredictable agitation no matter what the question or problem is under discussion. Pathological liar. Has trouble organizing his thoughts or making logical connections. His mind is racing from one unrelated thought to another. Sometimes he has "thought withdrawal, " a feeling that thoughts are removed from his head, or "thought blocking, " when his flow of thinking suddenly gets interrupted.  

FRADKOV. How do you like it?  

NIKOLAEV. Not really.  

FRADKOV. Impeachment is far away, but Democrats might introduce a bill under the 25th amendment that Trump needs to be removed for mental illness.  

NIKOLAEV. There′s no treatment for schizophrenia, but I′ll work with him.  

FRADKOV. Good. You′ll meet him once a month, Secret Service is not a problem – we have enough dirt on them from "Filament" to keep Director in our pocket. Give Trump a chance to tell and show you everything he’s brought, no matter how chaotic the story might be. Don’t make written notices. Don’t bring written questions even if you are talking about some advanced technology. Ask questions — when? where? what happened? why? what’s going to happen next? After that you tell the story back to Trump and he adds details. At the end of the meeting give him another task.  

NIKOLAEV. It might be hard for him to keep discipline and come in time, you know.  

FRADKOV. And follow security rules, of course. Ha-ha!  

NIKOLAEV. Besides, it′s not easy to check him up and make sure he doesn′t feed us with fake data.  

FRADKOV. And he′s a human being, not Jesus, he′s scared, he might talk to FBI Director and tell him everything, though Comey is our agent too.  

NIKOLAEV. Should I report to you every meeting?  

FRADKOV. Yes. And every report goes to President Putin right away. Do you understand the responsibility?  

NIKOLAEV. I try to stay as calm as I can.  

FRADKOV. Good luck. By the way, President Putin might teach Trump in person...  


March 17, 2015  

3. 30 PM  

The Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida  

TRUMP. Mr. Nikolaev, I don′t have too much time...  

NIKOLAEV. Did you get our instructions on the elections?  

TRUMP. A week ago.  

NIKOLAEV. We′ll try a short test, I′ll help you, don′t worry. President Putin wants to know you are ready.  

TRUMP. I am.  

NIKOLAEV. Key rules in fundraising?  

TRUMP. Find "fat cats", get fundraisers with lots of rich friends, go to Florida, California, Texas and New york, of course.  

NIKOLAEV. Raise big money for yourself and prevent big money from being spent against you. Press?  

TRUMP. I manipulate media – I manipulate nation.  

NIKOLAEV. Good. Newspaper and TV?  

TRUMP. Newspapers put emphasis on issues, TV on image, style and ability to communicate.  

NIKOLAEV. And you prefer...  



TRUMP. TV talks to 98% of Americans and takes my message immediately, straight to the nation.  

NIKOLAEV. Why do you attack media?  

TRUMP. Fake news. Mostly.  

NIKOLAEV. Stop it! Mistake. You turn reporters into heroes.  

TRUMP. F***k tem.  

NIKOLAEV. Your image isn′t perfect. You don′t look presidential yet. Too nervous, aggressive. Calm down in public.  

TRUMP. I can′t, it′s character.  

NIKOLAEV. You might lose debates to Hillary.  

TRUMP. What′s special about debates?  

NIKOLAEV. The only all-national event at which candidates can be judged. Now come the "don′ts"...  

TRUMP. I hate "don′ts"!  

NIKOLAEV. Shut up! So, don’t attack first — that’s a sign of weakness, don’t be too aggressive — it kills the image, don’t answer the questions too fast — that implies you are not thinking, nrush, no negative emotions, no sudden gestures – extra gestures mean that you are not sure what you are saying is correct.  

TRUMP. That′s it?  

NIKOLAEV. Answer a question you want to answer, no matter what question was asked.  

TRUMP. Hm, Hillary will go nuts after that.  

NIKOLAEV. She will. Personal question… President Putin asked me once and I didn’t know what to say.  

TRUMP. Sure.  

NIKOLAEV. Are you attracted to her?  

TRUMP. Yes. Surprised?  

NIKOLAEV. A little bit.  

TRUMP. Smart, no mercy, fighter, money maker – who’s that?  

NIKOLAEV. Hillary.  

TRUMP. And me! Are you married?  


TRUMP. Do you want a supermodel tonight? I can send one, free.  

NIKOLAEV. I want a supermodel. But President Putin says id you cheat on your wife, you may cheat on your country. And I don’t f***k where I live, and I don’t live where I f***k.  

TRUMP. We’ll never understand each other.  

NIKOLAEV. Bull***, people never change, everyone wants to get pleasure and get rid of pain. But it’s your choice to use breaks or just drive no matter how many people you kill. The Bible.  

TRUMP. I see.  

NIKOLAEV. Thank you anyway.. Finally, speaking in public...  

TRUMP. Don′t bother, I know how to talk to my nation!  

NIKOLAEV. Tell me.  

TRUMP. I improvise a lot and it works.  

NIKOLAEV. Now listen to me, "Tom" or you gonna be very sorry!  

TRUMP. I′m sorry.  

NIKOLAEV. Leave jokes for your pageant. If you want President Putin to kick you out of the race...  

TRUMP. No, no, no! I said, I′m sorry.  

NIKOLAEV. Good. To get elected you must promise economic growth, no matter how grave the economic situation is. Never say you want power, even if you want to save the nation in crisis. Cite the Bible, don′t look too intellectual. Remember, voters are extremely sensitive to tax-cut proposals. You can be liberal on domestic issues, but you have to be conservative on national security (defense and foreign affairs). Clear?  

TRUMP. Yes, sir.  

NIKOLAEV. Questions?  

TRUMP. No, sir. Can I... see President Putin?  

NIKOLAEV. Maybe...  




EPISODE 6. Putin : JFK problem  


February 4, 2017  

8. 00 AM  

SVR (Russian Intelligence, former KGB PGU) Headquarters, Yasenevo, Moscow suburb  

Putin, SVR Director Naryshkin, Special Operations Deputy Director Ivanov  

NARYSHKIN. Comrade Putin, thank you for visiting our headquarters and talking to the officers.  

PUTIN. It′s my home, my life. It′s a pleasure. What happened?  

NARYSHKIN. We have a problem with JFK operation, it′s not over. Comrade Ivanov?  

IVANOV. On November 22, 1963, we assassinated President Kennedy,  

PUTIN. And who killed Marilyn Monroe?  

IVANOV. We did, staged suicide – "acute barbiturate poisoning". Somehow she got information on planned JFK assassination, most probably – from Hoover, f***ng pervert, and desperately tried to contact him or his brother, Robert Kennedy. It’s simple to kill without any traces or in the body and we used a suppository.  

NARYSHKIN. Kennedy′s case was "the boomerang" strategy, revenge for the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba. Kennedy ordered the blockade of Cuba and kicked us out of there.  

IVANOV. And "passive sabotage" technology at its best. It wasn′t a huge conspiracy and our operation was pretty simple. We recruited the U. S. Secret Service Director Rowley, FBI Director Hoover, CIA Director McCone. They ordered their field offices not to touch Lee Harvey Oswald, poor patsy, until operation is over. We brought our best two snipers to Dallas, Texas, and they did the job.  

PUTIN. What would have happened if the snipers missed the target or Kennedy survived, being merely wounded?  

IVANOV. Kennedy would have won the 1964 Presidential election and then conceivably his brothers, Robert and Edward, would keep the Oval Office until 1984 (count the years for yourself). It was unacceptable.  

NARYSHKIN. Then we eliminated presidential candidate Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1968, Los Angeles, California. He was a danger, as he promised a full investigation of his brother′s assassination in case he was elected.  

PUTIN. That′s it?  

IVANOV. No. In 1995, John Kennedy Jr. who said once that his father′s death investigation was the most important thing of his life, approached Princess Diana Spencer for an interview for his "George" magazine. They met at New York Carlyle Hotel where JFK dated Marilyn Monroe. It was a business meeting, an "investigation" meeting. We didn′t like it and on August 31, 1997, we finished Diana in Paris, France, in a staged car accident.  

NARYSHKIN. But Kennedy didn′t get the message.  

IVANOV. We took care of him – staged plane crash on July 16, 1999, Atlantic Ocean off Martha′s Vineyard.  

PUTIN. It′s interesting, but why I′m here.  

NARYSHKIN. New problem, not really big, but we need your sanction.  

IVANOV. On January 28, 2017, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr, the Manhattan District Attorney, ordered the investigation into the 1965 death of newspaper writer and “What’s My Line? ” star Dorothy Kilgallen, who was investigating the JFK assassination, The Post has learned. The new book by Mark Shaw “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, ” suggests Kilgallen was murdered to shut down her relentless pursuit of a Mafia don linked to JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman for DA, confirmed that a staffer has read the book, and reviewed a letter from Shaw citing new leads, medical evidence, and witnesses overlooked when Kilgallen, 52, died suddenly. She was the only reporter ever to interview Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald, and published Ruby’s closed-door testimony to the Warren Commission before its official release. Her enemies ranged from Frank Sinatra to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  

PUTIN. Why Hoover? She tied the case to KGB?  

IVANOV. I don’t know, comrade Putin. So, the morning after Kilgallen appeared on the hit TV game show, she was found dead in her Manhattan apartment, naked under a robe and still in make-up. The medical examiner ruled it an accidental mix of booze and sleeping pills. But Shaw contends Kilgallen was drugged. He cites a powdery residue on a glass by the bed, and records obtained from the National Archives showing two additional barbiturates in her system. Former ME toxicologist Dr. Stephen Goldner told Shaw the Mafia controlled the Brooklyn ME’s Office, which inexplicably conducted the Kilgallen autopsy even though her death occurred in Manhattan.  

Weeks before her death, Kilgallen bought a gun for self-protection and planned a second trip to New Orleans to investigate Mafia don Carlos Marcello. “If the wrong people knew what I know about the JFK assassination, it would cost me my life, ” she confided to hairdresser Charles Simpson, one of several witnesses who gave videotaped interviews. Shaw urges the DA to interview Ron Pataky, an Ohio newspaper columnist and ex-lover seen huddling with Kilgallen at the Regency Hotel the night before she died. Pataky, now 81, later penned a poem called “Vodka Roulette, ” typed next to the image of a bartender mixing drinks, that reads, “Make one of ’em poison. ”  

PUTIN. What are you going to do?  

NARYSHKIN. Kill Pataky and remove Vance from the office.  

PUTIN. Do it.  



EPISODE 7. Putin-Trump, Hamburg  


July 9, 2017, Hamburg, Germany, G-20 heads of state dinner, separate room.  

9. 10 PM  

Putin, Trump  

TRUMP. I hope, you won′t kill me. I mean, one way ticket, or how you guys call it.  

PUTIN. We kill you if you are going to betray us, if you’re under suspicion and we can’t help you for political reasons – in such a case we stage an accident is OK. If you were involved in special operations (murders) and is dangerous as a witness, if you are trying to blackmail us and if we need to press or blackmail other agents.  

TRUMP. You can trust me 100%.  

PETROV. Distrust is a mother of security.  

PUTIN. It’s hard.  

TRUMP. Tell the truth.  

PUTIN. And the truth shall make you free.  

TRUMP. Democracy makes me free.  

PUTIN. Democracy is the bone you throw to the people to choke them to death. Your job is hard.  

TRUMP. It is hard. On one side, Rockefellers placed me in the Oval Office and I have to pay back with World War III against Russia for Russian resources. On the other side, I had to work for you.  

PUTIN. I know. Rockefellers already tried to push Russia into a civil war in Ukraine – and failed. They tried to get Russia into Syrian mess – and failed. Now they try to play North Korean card – it′s a dead end.  

TRUMP. You said once that collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest tragedy of the century.  

PUTIN. KGB officers never joke in public.  

TRUMP. So, you want a revenge.  

PUTIN. Right. And revenge is the U. S. civil war which has to cut the country into pieces and eliminate it before the World War III starts. This is the preemptive Russian attack which is much more powerful than nuclear missiles. That′s why you have to turn the government and the nation into chaos and hatred.  

TRUMP. It’s possible. But war against Russia might enhance my popularity – all presidents who have run for re-election during a war have won.  

PUTIN. Hm, war is just one detail in my game of international strategy for domination; it is as much a financial operation as anything else. Listen, I don′t care about America.  

TRUMP. I do, sometimes.  

PUTIN. Shut up and do what I say. Before you even think, I blow you up together with your useless family.  

TRUMP. Sorry, I’m not following …You can′t say I′m useless. Yes, I fired my strategist Bannon, but I follow his strategy to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today′s establishment. I let ObamaCare “explode”, though I know health care makes up one-sixth of the U. S. economy and millions of jobs could be affected. My xenophobic policies are harming tourism to the United States as well as foreign applications to U. S. colleges and universities. That means money taken out of the U. S. economy. My isolationist policies weaken NATO and undermine relationships with close U. S. allies. This makes Americans less geopolitically secure. I remember your order and reduce American commitment to NATO by ordering allies to pay for support, reduce American trade agreements NAFTA and sign off from the Paris Agreement. In such a way I undermines financial markets, national and global stability. And on top of it I′ll take $25 billion from the budget to build the wall along Mexico border!  

PUTIN. I admit that. And it′s your merit that the world now looks towards Russia as a possible superpower to influence world policies. The wall... make it $100 billion. And close down the government if Congress resists!  

TRUMP. I will.  

PUTIN. I need big, fat American crisis. You can program the crisis, make mistakes in political and economic courses, hire inexperienced personnel, follow faulty planning. OK?  

TRUMP. Deal.  

PUTIN. Block the hawks. My guy Tillerson is there for you. And lift sanctions.  

TRUMP. I know. Exxon Mobil $500 billion Arctic oil drilling.  

PUTIN. War and sanctions. Not easy, but if you see dead end, break the wall and keep going.  

TRUMP. – How?  

PUTIN. Like I said, b-o-i-l America up to a civil war. You′ve kicked Muslims, good. Now kick blacks.  

TRUMP. Didn′t work.  

PUTIN. Erase Obamacare, welfare, Medicaid, food stamps. Starve them to death, let them die in emergency rooms. They start riots – you start shooting until I see America collapse. Clear?  

TRUMP. I′m not stupid. And you know I’m doing a good job in the White House. I disable and push my own administration to a chaos. It’s like TV show – hire-fire-hire-fire – love it! Chief strategist Bannon, National Security Adviser Flynn, Chief of Staff Priebus, press secretary Spicer, communications director Dubke and his replacement, Scaramucci, Deputy Chief of Staff Walsh! I break the unity of the team, encourage disloyalty and leaking. They go crazy about my off-the-record conversations with media – I’m the #1 leaker!  

PUTIN. Let’s drink.  


1. 30 AM  

Putin, Trump  


PUTIN. – Now I'm gonna give you a set of instructions on how to work more effectively for us.  

TRUMP. – Sure.  

PUTIN. – You have to follow KGB Spy Code. Read this:  

1. No mercy, no ideology, no emotions.  

2. Intuition is nothing but the ability to watch and analyze.  

3. No evidence is evidence in itself.  

4. Distrust is a mother of security.  

5. Never look as if you are sizing up the person – that’s a sign that gives away cops and spies.  

6. Don’t start first if you don’t know the rules.  

7. The way you act is the way you think – behavior is a system of codes (information) which could be calculated by the enemy. Watch your face – that’s a shop window.  

8. Think fast, talk slow.  

9. Avoid self-programming and never think bad about yourself.  

10. Don’t smoke, drink or take drugs if it’s not necessary; spare your stomach from very hot or cold food or drinks; avoid too much noise and light.  

11. Don’t be shy to lie – the more you lie the more people respect you.  

12. Let people talk out and “empty their brains” – then load your information.  

13. People never change – everybody wants to get pleasure and avoid pain.  

14. “He knew too much” means “He talked too much. ”  

15. Never ask extra questions – wait. Wait and the object will get used to you and open himself – nobody can stay tense for long.  

16. Lonely people live longer in espionage business.  

17. “No exit” situation is the one you don’t like or don’t understand.  

18. Avoid:  

– personal enemies (they fix negative information on you)  

– silent types (they notice and think too much)  

– other professionals (they’ll blow your identity)  

– extra stress (it damages your heart and blood vessels and that kills your brain and your ability to think )  

– talking too much  

19. Small lie gives birth to big distrust.  


TRUMP. – Wow! It's not Hollywood, it's a hell of job!  

PUTIN. – We'll talk about the code more later. Now. You have problems with the White House staff…  

TRUMP. I′ll take care of it, I hired thousands in my life, and fired a lot.  

PUTIN. – Do you understand that staffers and Secretaries hate you?  

TRUMP. Why?  

PUTIN Because you "rock the boat" and they all are reform-stoppers.  

TRUMP. I′m the boss, what they can do, seriously?  

PUTIN. – Secretary of State Pompeo can offer you endless visits abroad. Chief of Staff Kelly loads you up with useless extremely busy schedule. National Security Adviser Bolton is trying to be your decision maker, because, unlike Secretaries, he has daily contact with you. They know you won’t accept “complicated, ” “expensive, ” “risky” projects and they’ll try to sell you “simple, ” “cheap” and “popular” ones only.  

TRUMP. – Looks like they are anti-American.  

PUTIN. – Try the test. Watch your senior staff and how they present ideas. Kissinger, for example, was using his own trick dealing with Nixon. He often gave him three options, making two of them unattractive. Naturally Nixon picked the one Kissinger presented as least harmful.  

TRUMP. – I rule differently. My senior advisers are my daughter Ivanka and my son-in-law Kushner and they won′t set me up. Never.  

PUTIN. – They isolate government from you. And one of them is ready to substitute you.  

TRUMP. – Hm, yes.  

PUTIN. – They never say "it′s impossible", never argue with you no matter what you ask, and avoid being associated with any failures.  

TRUMP. – Never.  

PUTIN. – They use "Smith′s principle" : if it can be understood by Congress, it’s not finished yet.  

TRUMP. Funny, but they did couple of times.  

PUTIN. – They fight national security staff and the budget staff.  

TRUMP. – And?  

PUTIN. – These are the rules White House people manipulate you with.  

TRUMP. – What I′m supposed to do? Fire my family?  

PUTIN. – It′s not just Ivanka and Kuhner. 570 people work at the White House Office, Including the Office of Policy Development, and all of them care about their asses and careers, not about you and the nation.  

TRUMP. – I′ll fire the enemies once I get any information.  

PUTIN. – Not necessarily. You can reform your staff freely, interchange key figures if domestic crisis is approaching, go to polls for back-up, use “the carrot and the stick” tactics, “pull by pushing” – give an important job without publicity to those who become too popular, make no minor decisions.  

TRUMP. – Smart! Wanna work for me?  

PUTIN. – I′m working for you now. And I can help you to f***k the Congress.  

TRUMP. – You? It’s impossible!  

PUTIN. – If we don’t like the problem, we call the solution “impossible”. KGB, Mr. Trump, is a special organization – we don’t discuss orders, we obey them and we finish any job no matter what.  

TRUMP. OK, how I screw them?  

PUTIN. – It’s much more simple that you think. You must know that your prestige (popular support or political capital) affects Congressional response to your politics. For most Senators, the Senate is a platform for presidential election campaign. These f***rs are always looking for a BBD (bigger, better deal) and shift from one committee to another, especially to those dealing with taxes, budget, energy, commerce. They don’t depend on the people – they depend on the media. If a Senator is blocking your proposal, he wants to get your attention, nothing else. They have no incentive to study the details of most pieces of legislation and their decision is simplified by quickly checking how key colleagues have voted or intend to vote. To have power a Senator has to object: much of the Senate work is done by unanimous consent and if you object you’ll be approached for sure by some influential people including other Senators, Secretaries, President’s aides or the President himself. Senators avoid responsibility in economic policy. They love the military because military contracts are very lucrative for their districts. Senators are afraid to vote against a defense budget increase because then they may be accused of a lack of patriotism.  

TRUMP. I love military, but they press too hard…  

PUTIN. – Remember, Senator makes a decision only after thinking about what it means in terms of the re-election money that will come to him or to his opponents. In the Senate it’s easier for a minority to block the bill than for a majority to pass it: a 60-vote majority is needed to force a final vote on the bill, while only 41 votes are needed to continue debate and delay a vote. The minority can hold the majority responsible as the party in power for whatever legislation does or does not emerge from the Senate. But both parties prefer to be the party in power in the Senate – all Senate legislation begins in the committees, whose membership and chairmanship are controlled by the party in power. Besides, each chairman has power in terms of controlling the committee budgets and deciding which hearings will be held and which legislation he will allow to be released to the Senate floor for a vote. He can also “lock up the bill” in committee until it dies.  

TRUMP. – Interesting. I already have some ideas... How I control them?  

PUTIN. – You can propose legislation, but Congress can kill it.. But you know already that Senators and Representatives need re-election more than anything else. So you can go with indirect influence through appeals to the public; this is a confrontation and direct challenge to Congressional authority. You can also enlist the support of interest groups or direct influence through favors and personal involvement in the legislative process. (Get public support for a proposal before it’s discussed with the Congress. ) And don’t hesitate to start a national debate — you have enough media attention for that. You also have an independent tool, presidential power in the form of an executive order. You can give favors directly to members of Congress or to influential people in their constituency, or the favor may be of benefit to the constituency itself: appointments with the President and other high-ranking officials, federal grants to recipients in the constituency, government contracts with local companies, the deposit of federal funds in banks, grants to local government and educational institutions, support of projects (military installations, research and administrative facilities, public works such as buildings, dams and navigational improvements to rivers and harbors, etc. ), recommendations for the US district court judges, attorneys, marshals, etc., campaign assistance (cash contributions from the party’s national committee invitations to bill-signing ceremonies, White House parties or to accompany President on trips, bargaining and arm-twisting (pressure and threats to lose the projects).  

TRUMP. – What about veto?  

PUTIN. – Perfect tool! Threatened with a veto, they always seek compromise. But motherf***rs can undermine your vetoes or threats of vetoes.  

TRUMP. – How?  

PUTIN. – Because you can’t veto parts of a bill, they load up major legislation with amendments on a completely different subject (“riders”) that they know the President must accept. And you also have executive agreement which permits you to enter into open or secret agreements with a foreign government without any advice or consent of the Senate. Use it as often as you can!  

TRUMP. I will!  

PUTIN. – We almost finished. Let me fix your job technology and your understanding.  

TRUMP. – Have you ever worked in the White House? Ha-ha!  

PUTIN. – My sources have and still are working there.  

TRUMP. – God bless America...  

PUTIN. – So, you better continue old reforms using a new tactic because new reforms bring new problems, new enemies and new mistakes, and big economic mistakes bring you an economic crises. Big organized money moves big political machines, big political machines move big lobbies, big lobbies move the President. A new political course comes not with a new President, but with a change of big business’ global financial interests. Follow three "golden rules" dealing with big business – protect big investments, promote, don’t interfere.  

TRUMP. – Love it!  

PUTIN. – Regulate spending, taxation, monetary policy and foreign trade whic has to be under strict political control. Keep unemployment low and prices stable – these two factors are politically dangerous and failure here can bring a free-fall in approval ratings. Take credit for economic growth, price stability and low unemployment even if you have nothing to do with it.  

TRUMP. – That′s easy.  

PUTIN. – National security is your second priority after the economy, understand? If you start war, it does not mean you failed diplomacy, it means military decision is more profitable. Any country has to be involved in the sphere of our strategic interests if it has a strategic geographic position, significant sources of raw materials, a well-developed transportation system, or it might be used as military base.  

TRUMP. – Sanctions? Sorry for asking...  

PUTIN. – There’s no sense in applying sanctions if big business isn’t interested. Tie your allies to international economic projects and make them pay most of the expenses.  

TRUMP. – World domination?  

PUTIN. – You don′t need one.  

TRUMP. – Just curious.  

PUTIN. – OK, it requires economic domination, super military power, a cultural and media invasion, special operations to influence or neutralize leaders with negative attitude.  

TRUMP. And what′s your own mechanism of world domination?  

PUTIN. – If the country does not accept Russia’s rules of the game, we start a "velvet" or "colour" revolution through our assets, of course.. We replace the government by pro-Russian regime. If the government resists, we start military operation and help the anti-government organizations to overthrow the government. And "controlled chaos” strategy works.  

TRUMP. – What′s that?  

PUTIN. – It’s geopolitical re-division of the world by provoking riots, revolutions, civil wars and overthrowing regimes in independent from Russia sovereign states to keep the Russia’s world hegemony. Political, national, religious and social conflicts in target countries have to be permanent. The strategy is being covered by a "struggle against international terrorism". The operation is preceded by information war against the target regime and backed by Russian forces if necessary. Most important target of the 21st century is USA. To keep Russia on top, we would have to prevent cooperation and coalitions between: China and Africa; Shi’ia and Sunni Muslims; Germany and France. Their trade agreements and alliances will change the geopolitical situation. In most important world regions keep the balance by supporting the country which follows the leader: in Europe – support Britain to balance Germany. You rule Europe if you rule the Persian Gulf. You rule the world if you rule Europe. In East Asia – support Japan, Russia and Taiwan to balance China. In South Asia support Pakistan to balance India. In Latin America – support Argentina to balance Brazil.  

TRUMP. Diplomacy.  

PUTIN. – Do you understand "double talk"?  

TRUMP. Not really.  

PUTIN. – Look at this document.  

We are disappointed. / We got nothing.  

Situation disturbs us. / It’s unacceptable.  

There are still differences between us. / There are huge differences..  

We can’t accept this deal. / This means trouble.  

We reserve the right to use any means to prevent further worsening of the situation. / This means war.  

Discussion helped us to understand each other better. / We’ve wasted our time.  

We don’t understand your attitude. / Stop it immediately.  

I’m trying to understand your position. / Understand me too, idiot!  

If I’ve understood you correctly, you don’t agree. / Do you have any other option?  

We’ll pay a very high price if we don’t reach agreement. / Yes, that’s a threat!  

TRUMP. Can I keep it?  

PUTIN. – No papers, fire is the best KGB spy friend, understand?  

TRUMP. – Yeah.  

PUTIN. – Let's have some vodka, my friend...  



EPISODE 8. Putin – Ivanka  


July 9, 2017, Hamburg, Germany, G-20 heads of state dinner, separate room.  

10. 00 PM  

PUTIN. Ivanka, we talk business or we play innocence and eyes wide shut?  

IVANKA. We make business. And I want nothing from you – my father asked me to come here…  

PUTIN. “I want nothing” means “I want everything”. And you can’t do business on my territory.  

IVANKA. What are you talking about?  

PUTIN. What? What I’m talking about?! You and your daddy are terrorists.  

IVANKA. Stop it. This is crazy. I thought you are a gentleman, I saw you talking to Melania.  

PUTIN. All right, I’ll make it soft. Big, big oilers, Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan and Rouhani, the President of Iran, work for me. Sometimes they don’t tell me the whole truth, but KGB pays big to the agents and they compensate the lack of information.  

IVANKA. We are not oilers.  

PUTIN. My people told me that your Trump’s phony Baku, Azerbaijan hotel was front for Iranian money laundering.  

IVANKA. I see. Right after taking office, my father abandoned the project.  

PUTIN. Why?  

IVANKA. Because he is in the Oval Office now.  

PUTIN. Lie. You know the project never made any sense. It was built in an industrial part of town where a hotel wouldn’t be needed. The roads being built to the hotel didn’t even lead to it. It turns out the entire hotel project appears to have been an excuse to illegally launder money coming from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Talk to me.  

IVANKA. I…I visited the property and posted photos of myself touring it, even though the hotel was never going to open or do any business. I was doing all of this in order to create the outward appearance that the hotel was a legitimate project. The hotel deal had been struck with Ziya Mammadov. I knew he is the corrupt Transportation Minister of Azerbaijan, who has a history of arranging shady real estate projects as money laundering fronts. Mammadov and his family have financial connections to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. My father shuttered the project upon taking office in the hope it wouldn’t be investigated…  

PUTIN. Thank you, lady. What’s Israel for you?  

IVANKA. My love. My husband is a Jew, I’m a a Jewish wife who…  

PUTIN. I know. And I know that Iranian Revolutionary Guard provides support for Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in Israel, and has given much support and training to terrorists supporting the Palestinian resistance. They are aiding the Iraqi insurgency in southern Iraq. On September 26, 2007, the United States Senate passed e. legislation by a vote of 76-22 designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization.  

IVANKA. A gentleman is blackmailing a lady?  

PUTIN. You, not me, wanted to make business, right?  

IVANKA. Right.  

PUTIN. I don’t need an asset. I need a friend. A future President of America.  

IVANKA. Me too…  

PUTIN. Good. Now, tell me, what, the f***k you need presidency for? You look and behave like you′re still in your sweet sixteen. Do something to your empty, stupid eyes. Stop playing your father′s tail. Where′s you personality, charisma?  

IVANKA. Father said I′m number one.  

PUTIN. Forget it. How I′m gonna sell you to America? Where′s sex and violence? How you gonna beat Hillary in 2020?  

IVANKA. I don′t know yet.  

PUTIN. You have to produce big international, global idea, initiative and at least one reform. Go to Israel and bring peace there. You, not your bulls***t Kushner! It′s a good start.  

IVANKA. My father...  

PUTIN. Shut up. Go home, think and call me back.  

IVANKA. I will.  

PUTIN. It was a pleasure.  



EPISODE 9. Putin-Trump, Helsinki  


July 16, 2018, Helsinki, Finland  

Official Putin -Trump summit  


Putin, Trump  


TRUMP – Where's my interpreter?  

PUTIN. – She's drinking with my guy.  

TRUMP. – Bull... Congress might grill her, It's OK you've removed her. And your English is good enough.  

PUTIN. – How you feel?  

TRUMP. – Adrenalin!  

PUTIN. – Like it?  

TRUMP. – Yeah. Changing America...  

PUTIN. – You do a good job. You kill the budget cutting taxes for rich, you start trade wars, you kill EU and NATO.  

TRUMP. – And I let ObamaCare “explode”, though I know health care makes up one-sixth of our economy and millions of jobs could be affected. My policies are harming tourism as well as foreign applications to U. S. colleges and universities. That means money taken out of the U. S. economy. My isolationist policies really kill NATO and undermine relationships with our allies. This makes Americans less geopolitically secure. I remember your order and reduce American commitment to NATO by ordering allies to pay for support, reduce American trade agreements NAFTA and sign off from the Paris Agreement. In such a way I undermines financial markets, national and global stability. And on top of it I′ll take $25 billion from the budget to build the wall along Mexico border!  

PUTIN. – But I want more. I need civil war, Don.  

TRUMP. – And they push me hard to war against Russia.  

PUTIN. – Pentagon.  

TRUMP. – Texas oilers, weapons guys, Lockheed Martin, Bae, Northrop Grumman, Boeing... you know. You got too much oil and gas, not your fault.  

PUTIN. – That's why I need war in America.  

TRUMP. – Got you. But Latinos just talk and Blacks are so slow... they are happy, you know...  

PUTIN. – Play black card. Cut food stamp – hungry people won't be happy.  

TRUMP. – I will.  

PUTIN. – Speed it up.  

TRUMP. – After elections, please.  

PUTIN. – December 1 is your deadline. And tell temp they don't work, you'll separate families and teach kids your way how to be American. Tweet daily, it's gonna work. I want to see fire and blood. I don't want to see America on the map next year. I don't see Soviet Union anymore – I don't want to see America.  

TRUMP. – Deal. Right now – more sanctions on Russia?  

PUTIN. – Sure. They work. Keeping my ratings high enough, ha-ha!  

TRUMP. – Civil war, revolution... and what I do if it's too hot?  

PUTIN. – Resign, but not before New York, California and Texas cut America into three republics. And get Obama on the stage – he'll come down his people.  

TRUMP. – You can't hide me? if anything...  

PUTIN. – No, you're not some bull... hacker Snowden.  

TRUMP. – Too bad.  

PUTIN. – Listen, I didn't ask you to play dirty racist games with Moscow hookers!  

TRUMP. – And you've trapped me.  

PUTIN. – Why not? Big fish with presidential ambitions. Same shit CIA is doing to Russians in power. Don't worry, I'll be around. Actually, I don't want you to leave – you resign, but you stay. The Texas president, OK?  

TRUMP. – Why?  

PUTIN. – To keep fire burning, forever.  

TRUMP. – I see. That's what your Ukraine is for.  

PUTIN. – Sort of.  

TRUMP. – Hm. Guerrilla war?  

PUTIN. – Why not? A non-stop war to "reunite" America! Ha-ha!  

TRUMP. – Smart. I can do that. But we got 1500 nukes, military might get angry.  

PUTIN. – You cut nukes in three. Generals wait if they get paid, trust me.  

TRUMP. – Military dictatorship?  

PUTIN. – Give me a break! Fingerprint any revolution and you'll find foreign money. You cut the army into three.  

TRUMP. – I better resign tomorrow.  

PUTIN. – Money... How much you want to erase America?  

TRUMP. – Hundred billion?  

PUTIN. – Ten percent.  

TRUMP. – Deal. After we finish, what I say to Pompeo, to my people?  

PUTIN. – Tell him to lose weight. or ask who killed Kennedy.  


PUTIN. You wish. There was no "huge conspiracy" – there was a "passive sabotage" operation. CIA Director John McCone, FBI Director Edgar Hoover and Secret Service Director James Rowley made a deal not to touch Lee Harvey Oswald until operation is over.  

TRUMP. – Simple. I can ask Pompeo who's working for CIA in Kremlin, next to you.  

PUTIN. – I won't pay for that. I know who.  

TRUMP – You know?  

PUTIN. – Keep your friends close...  

TRUMP. -... and your enemies closer.  

PUTIN. – That's what you have to learn. You make too many personal enemies daily.  

TRUMP. – I'm a fighter!  

PUTIN. – Good luck. But if I can't buy a guy, I sell him.  

TRUMP. – Nice. What we do now?  

PUTIN. – Champagne, caviar and porno. Then we play leaders who want to cut missiles and save the world.  

TRUMP. – Deal. Let me ask you something, boss.  

PUTIN. – Money again?  

TRUMP. – No. Do you have any friends? A friend? A partner?  

PUTIN. – I'm happy with what I got – power. You?  

TRUMP. – Oh, yes, chief! You know I'm German, and Americans are too stupid to look deep into Constitution, which makes me a dictator, actually, like Hitler, Stalin. And you...  

PUTIN. – Hm. Most happy people are those with Alzheimer.  

TRUMP. – Why?  

PUTIN. – They have no memory and they can't compare, like I'm poor and Trump is rich.  

TRUMP. – Interesting. I wish Alzheimer was a virus...  

PUTIN. – So you can turn Americans into idiots? Ha-ha! Everybody's happy, pure democracy!  

TRUMP. – Democracy, boss, is the bone you throw to people to choke them to death.  

PUTIN. – Whatever makes you happy, my best asset. Cheers!  






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