How Heroes Of The Book wanted to kill The Author

Рассказ / Байка, Мистика, Сказка, Фантастика
In this book you'll learn how important is to read a scenario very carefully!
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Elain: Where is my phone? I can't find it anywhere.  

Henry: Have you checked your drawer? You put it there last time.  

Elain: I have. It's not there. Can you call my number? If my phone rings... I might find it.  

Henry: Sure. But if it's on vibrate. I'm not sure this will work  

Elain: I'm pretty sure it's not on vibrate. Come on, please just do it. I'm waiting for a phone call.  

Henry: Ok, but if it’s not there…  

Elain: Why don’t you want to help me? Are you angry!  

Henry: No. no! I’m calling in a second!  

–Henry is typing phone number 88005553534-  


Elain: Oh, I guess I know where it can be. Thank you very much!  

Henry: You’re welcome… Oh, I need to come! Bye, Elain!  

Elain: Goodbye!  

–Elain goes to the place where she thinks her phone is-  

Elain: Here it is! But… what? what is it  

–Elain goes straight ahead and sees green light-  

Elain: *What can it be? * Hey, is anyone here?  

–Noone answers-  

Elain: Well, I should look what’s it right there?  

–She goes straight and BUM! SOMETHING HITS HER and she loses consciousness-  

Elain’s Mum: Hey, daughter! Get up! You’ll be late for school!  

Elain: Give me a few seconds please…  

Not Elain’s Mum: Kate! You have only a half of our until your lessons start!  

Not Elain: *WHY KATE? * Hmmm… Well…. Yes, of course, I’m getting up…. But where is my school?..  

–In a week-  

Henry: Kate, hi! Are you up for a movie tonight?  

Not Elain: I don't know, the weather hasn’t been that great lately. Look, it's bucketing down again.  

Henry: Well, if it clears up later, we will go out. I'm so bored!  

Not Elain: Fine. But if it doesn't, I'm going to work overtime again. I have so much work to do!  

Henry: Are you preparing for the report for our next project?  

Not Elain: Yes. It's such a nightmare.  

Henry: Hm, let’s see if I can help. If you could come to my palace tonight…  

Not Elain: Hey, there was ‘place’, not ‘palace’ in scenario!  

Henry: Well, Evgeny said so…  

Not Elain: WHO is THAT Evgeny!  

Henry: He’s our author…  

Not Elain: Now I’ll show him my rights! How can you dare to change the scenario!  

Me: Well, Let’s listen to Vadim’s decision and…  

Not Elain: I can’t wait! I'll go to you right now!  


Not Elain: Now I’m in your world! Hahaha!  

Me: Oh, no! I beg your pardon!  

Not Elain: Votre français est tout simplement horrible, Monsieur l'Auteur. Mais je ne vais Pas vous enseigner. Ici, je ne pour cela! Je suis ici pour vous détruire, Monsieur l'Auteur! Comment osez-vous changer le Script! Vous êtes un ver infâme qui ne mérite pas de tenir un Livre, et encore moins d'écrire un Livre! Préparez-vous à mourir au nom du Saint Livre, Monsieur l'Auteur! Et n'attendez même pas la pitié, Monsieur l'auteur! Nous nous battons pour les droits des héros du livre, pour les droits des héros de l'histoire, Et vous, Monsieur l'auteur, les violez impitoyablement! Que le livre nous pardonne si nous transgressons la loi!  

Me: Verzeihen Sie mir! Ich stimme zu, alles zurückzugeben, wie es war, aber unter einer Bedingung!  

Not Elain: Ich spreche kein Deutsch, Monsieur Autor! Vielleicht stimmen Sie zu, Ihre letzten Stunden damit zu verbringen, zu verstehen, was Ihnen der Täter Ihres Todes sagt!  

Me: OK, my one condition is… Well, can you give me my short story, please?  

Not Elain: Here you are!  

Me: Well, Here is corrector… I’ll ERASE YOU!  

Not Elain: Nooooo! Stop it!  

–Not Elain disappears-  

Me: I’ll never right any stories!.. Well, maybe I will right?.., it depends only on you, Reader!

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