MIkhail Kryzhanovsky. "Boomerang" Op: Putin, Trump and the US collapse.

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The “Boomerang” Operation  

By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB spy, CIA “Filament”, the author of the White House Special Handbook, Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook.  

New York  

kryzhanovsky7777@gmail. ru  



The "Boomerang" Operation (collapse of the USA, revenge for the USSR collapse) is extremely successful with V. Putin, SVR and its agent D. Trump as major players.  

The 1st stage of the operation: the recruitment of D. Trump.  

The 2nd stage: the division of Americans along racial, social and political grounds. Executed by Trump during 4 shameful years of his "presidency". A recommendation of the SVR agent Trump to remove masks at the peak of the coronavirus in the United States led to the death of 210 thousand (! ) Americans, this is called the GENOCIDE of the nation.  

The 3rd stage : American civil war between Trump supporters (racists, fascists) and the people.  

First two stages completed. The third one started with Trump's defeat in the presidential election and his refusal to surrender power in a peaceful constitutional way. In the upcoming civil war, at the initial stage, battles will take place in large cities, where the Nazis will be opposed by militants from the radical movement "Black Lives Matter" (they support the Democratic Party). Then the war will cover the whole country and its apotheosis will be the collapse of the United States into democratic and republican states, dual power and the death of millions of Americans.  

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