Mikhail Kryzhanovsky,KGB. "BIDEN WON 2020 ON MY INSTRUCTIONS"

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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky Dossier: KGB TRUMP  


mikhail. kryzhanovsky@mail. ru  


Kryzhanovsky Dossier: "KGB TRUMP". By KGB and CIA Mikhail Kryzhanovsky  

To: The Honorable Adam Schiff, Chairman  

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence  

Capitol Visitor Center HVC-304  

Washington, DC 20515  

Office: (202) 225-7690  

Fax: (202) 226-5068  


From: Mykhaylo (Mikhail) Kryzhanovsky  

98-11 Queens Blvd, LL2  

Rego Park, NY 11374  



October 15, 2019  


(fax confirmed by the office of Adam Schiff)  



Dear Mr. Schiff,  

CIA, FBI and the U. S. Secret Service are involved in anti-American conspiracy and actually work for Trump, Russian President Putin’s asset. It’s a straight threat to the U. S. national security which is the U. S. President’s priority. I want to inform you on some operations I was involved in – hopefully, my information might help the Congress to remove Trump.  

Mykhaylo (Mikhail) Kryzhanovsky,  

a former KGB spy, KGB anti-terror “Nabat” group sniper, SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) illegal spy, CIA and FBI “Filament”, the author of the White House Special Handbook, Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook.  

prof777prof@yahoo. com  

New York  




Introduction: Putin, “The Boomerang” Operation and 9/11  

Chapter 1. I’m CIA “Filament”  

Chapter 2. Trump: kill Bill Clinton  

Chapter 3. Trump: kill Hillary Clinton  

Chapter 4. Trump : kill Barack Obama  

Chapter 5. Trump: how Putin erased Hillary Clinton 2016  

Chapter 6. Trump: how Putin handles his asset  

Chapter 7. How Trump got the Oval Office on my KGB instructions  

Bonus. White House Special Handbook  



Introduction : Putin and "The Boomerang" Operation  


Me and Putin – we graduated same PGU KGB Institute (intelligence) and I know his grand strategy. He takes the Soviet Union collapse was the "tragedy of the century", the USA is a killer. Revenge – "The Boomerang" operation and Putin′s “new world order” to be established through the international chaos, permanent wars, civil wars, revolutions. and overthrowing regimes in independent from Russia sovereign states to establish the Russia's world hegemony. Political, national, religious and social conflicts in target countries have to be permanent. The strategy is being covered by a "struggle against international terrorism". The operation is preceded by information war against the target regime and backed by the Russia military forces if necessary.  

Putin recruited Trump and now he’s using the U. S President to provoke the racial civil war, economic collapse, to demolish America and erase it from the world map same way Soviet Union has disappeared. 2020 riots all over America – nothing else but “color” revolution in accordance with KGB instructions.  


Putin and 9/11  

1. Alexander Sakharovsky (1909-1983), Colonel General, Chief of KGB First Directorate (espionage) in 1956-1971.  

"The father of international terrorism", he oversaw the KGB foreign intelligence division during some of the key events of the Cold War, including the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK assassination.  


A. Sakharov V. Vladimirov A. Shlyakhturov S. Lebedev V. Putin  

2. KGB Major General Viktor Vladimirov (1922-1995). My personal friend.  

1966-1970 – Chief of the PGU KGB (Intelligence) "V" Department (sabotage and terror abroad by KGB special forces). 1984-1987 – Chief of the "RT" PGU KGB Department (recruitment of foreigners in USSR). Ordered Trump's recruitment (the asset was recruited by Putin).  

3. A former KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. In 1985-1990 KGB spy under cover in Dresden, East Germany, trained illegal KGB spies, who worked then in the West as KGB recruiters, terrorists and sabotage specialists (in case of war against Russia).  

September 11, 2001, 11. 00 AM, Moscow  

Strategic Surveillance Center, underground secret facility, Military Intelligence Dept of the General Staff, Moscow. Putin, General Alexander Shlyakhturov, Chief, Military intelligence Dept, Sergei Lebedev, Director, Russian Intelligence (SVR)  

PUTIN. Good morning, comrades. For some people it's a good morning, but for many people it's the last one. What's the estimate?  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Good morning, comrade President. We think, it's between two and four thousands Americans.  

PUTIN. So, what's the story?  

LEBEDEV. As you know, airplane hijacking was KGB Intelligence Chief Alexander Sakharovsky's invention.  

PUTIN. – I knew him, he died in 1983. He said once that nuclear arms have made military force obsolete, terrorism should become KGB main weapon. CIA called him "the father of international terrorism". The airplane hijacking was his own invention, in 1969 alone, 82 planes were hijacked worldwide by the KGB-financed Palestine Liberation Organization, right?  

LEBEDEV. – Right.  

PUTIN. – And Major General Vladimirov...  

LEBEDEV. – Yes, we still use his instructions on terror.  

LEBEDEV. – But mass terror isn't something we ever tried on the USA, but "The Boomerang" operation strategy gives us the opportunity to try it. Besides, we set up al Qaeda and bin Laden, whose guys killed thirteen thousands Soviet soldiers and officers in Afghanistan in 1979-1989.  

PUTIN. OK, what we get out of it? I mean, strategic objective.  

LEBEDEV. We get America into very expensive and useless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, up to 10, 000 soldiers and up to $500 billion worrth.  

PUTIN. Not bad. How you've set up bin Laden?  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Our undercover, a ”terrorist”, explained to him an unusual plan to attack America. The plan approved, the first team of terrorists sent to USA. They took the courses on how to operate the "Boeing", take off only.  

LEBEDEV. CIA got the information on the "strange" students, but our agent blocked it.  

PUTIN. "Passive sabotage" again?  

LEBEDEV. Why not? It worked good with JFK.  

PUTIN. – It did. Next?  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Another group of terrorists, no links to al-Qaeda, packed Twin Towers with explosives. Right after that, we eliminated the second team, their bodies burnt.  

PUTIN. And today is the day.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich. We'recorded the operation on tape, ready to show you.  

PUTIN. Eliminate the tape and the teams, no evidence.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Yes, comrade President. We'll see everything on the main screen, I mean, the final phase of the operation, New York, Twin Towers, on the main screen and then Pentagon and Pennsylvania. We start. Pay attention to four monitors to your left.  

PUTIN. People boarding jets.  

LEBEDEV. You see nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists boarding for Boeing jets in Boston, Washington and Newark, first three go to Los Angeles, the last one – to San Francisco.  

PUTIN. No more passengers.  

LEBEDEV. Right now our people arrest terrorists, kill them with the knives, pack in plastic bags, throw through the back airplane hatches and take away. Five minutes. Wait...  

PUTIN. Wow! Good job. Who secured the airport?  

LEBEDEV. – CIA. Now other passengers board the airplanes. Nobody could see anything, including the terrorists' associates who might watch from the airport building.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Now jets take off one by one, 165 passengers altogether plus crew members.  

8 a. m. EDT. American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 92 people on board, took off from Boston’s Logan international Airport to Los Angeles.  

8:14 a. m. United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 with 65 people on board, took off from Logan to Los Angeles.  

8:21 a. m. American Airlines flight 77, a Boeing 757 with 64 people on board, took off from Washington Dulles International Airport for Los Angeles.  

8:41 a. m. United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 with 44 people on board, took off from Newark International Airport for San Francisco  

LEBEDEV. After 4 jets took off, their pilots were ordered emergency landing on one of the military bases where crews and passengers boarded a special military jet packed with explosives. It exploded in the air and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Two other empty jets, guided by autopilots, with explosives crashed into Twin Towers.  

SHLYAKHTUROV. Look. 8:46:40: Flight 11 crashes into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99. The aircraft enters the tower intact. 9:03:00: Flight 175 crashes into the south face of the South Tower (2 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 77 and 85. Parts of the plane, including the starboard engine, leave the building from its east and north sides, falling to the ground six blocks away. 9:37:46: Flight 77 crashes into the western side of The Pentagon and starts a violent fire. 10:03:11: Flight 93 crashes southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  

PUTIN. Good. Eliminate the tape and kill the team involved. Now.  

LEBEDEV. Yes, Vladimir Vladimir Vladimirovich.  

PUTIN. Thank you comrades, it was very impressive. I want to tell you why are we killing America and I want you deliver my message to every officer at your departments. We have to protect our country, because Russia is the economic target of the World War III. We have the world's largest reserves of mineral and energy resources, the world's largest forest reserves and its lakes contain 25% of the world's fresh water. Russia is energy superpower : #1 in the world in natural gas reserves, #8 in oil reserves and #2 in coal reserves. The world sources of energy (oil, gas, uranium, coal) are rapidly coming to an end. At the same time China, India, Brazil, Indonesia are rapidly growing. China is increasing its economy (GDP, gross domestic product) by 10% a year – in 5 years there will be 1, 5 China, 1, 15 India, 1, 5 Brazil, 1, 15 Indonesia. 9 billion people on Earth with energy, food and fresh water supplies coming to an end in the next 25-40 years. That means that 500 million Europeans and 300 million Americans have to lower their standards of living – and they will not accept this. The only way out – to get Russian resources to preserve the Western standards of living. Clear?  

LEBEDEV. Absolutely.  

PUTIN. Talking about today’s successful operation. It's extremely important for Russia to re-direct radical Islam vector. It goes through Afghanistan and then through Muslim Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan (former Soviet republics) to Muslim Tatarstan and Muslim Chechnya, constituent republics of Russian federation. We’ll re-direct it to Europe and the USA. I'll stay here for the rest of the day and watch America suffer. Alone...  



Chapter 1. I’m CIA “Filament”  


September 1, 1995, New York  

I was recruited by CIA agents Bill and Joe at Millennium Hilton, suite #3111  

Why CIA recruited me to assassinate American presidents? I had a very good experience.  

September 1991- June 1992, Moscow  

As SBU (Ukrainian Security) illegal spy, I infiltrated Russian President Yeltsin’s "inner circle" and had to influence his decisions. I could kill him if ordered so by Ukrainian President Kravchuk, but Yeltsin got information about it and in 1992 Russia and Ukraine signed a Treaty to stop mutual espionage. President Kravchuk ordered to kill me as a witness of his dirty politics. I moved to Poland and then, in 1995, to USA.  

Recruitments of the foreign spies are authorized by CIA Director – John Deutch was the one, in 1995-1996, the only Russian CIA Director and a KGB “mole” who refused to explain communication via Internet with some “Russian chemist”. Deutch is an emeritus Institute Professor at the MIT, he has been a member of the MIT faculty since 1970. John Trump (Donald Trump’s uncle) – professor at the MIT from 1936 to 1973, – don’t tell me two professors never met.  

So, I, a former KGB spy and KGB “Nabat” anti-terror group sniper, had to work as a killer and special operations expert for CIA and FBI. I had to spy on the White House and the U. S. Congress and kill American politicians. Now, I’d like to know who ordered Deutch to use me for illegal CIA operations. I hope, Russian President Putin, a former KGB spy, has enough information on that. Deutch (and Russian intelligence) wanted me to get to the White House and stay there as an expert indefinitely. I had to teach American presidents how to rule America and created "The Professional" system (published in 2007 as the White House Special Handbook). I could never imagine that in America I could have a unique status, "carte blanche" which means a “license to kill” any politician who is the threat to CIA. CIA rewarded me with immigration status and promised fantastic life, including the best medical insurance in America, the one they have.  


This is my instruction for CIA on murders and tortures:  

3. 2 Murders:  

3. 2. 1 Regular  

Shooting, explosives or poison. General scheme. The best thing to do is to recruit somebody with access to the object’s security system and get information on his schedule. Get access to his phone. Then prepare the plan and train three groups: surveillance (with optics and radios), action (includes snipers, explosives technicians or staged accidents specialists), and security (these people neutralize bodyguards, witnesses and other people who could interrupt the action; they complete the action if the action group fails; and they can neutralize the action group later, if planned so; they “cover” the safe retreat of action group and “cut” the chase).  

3. 2. 2 Complex Staged accidents (suicides, car accidents, catastrophes, drowning or fall, robbery or rape followed by murder, technical accident (fire, electricity, gas), drugs, weapons, poison, explosives  

misuse. Also, staged natural death (stroke, heart attack, chronic illness as a result of special technical devices like irradiation)”.  

CIA used my instructions to kill John Kennedy Jr and Princess Diana.  


Techniques of psychological torture include: – fake execution – complete isolation ("wall therapy") – daylight deprivation – forcible narcotics addiction. Here you can use depressants, stimulants, opiates or hallucinogens : depressants (alcohol, barbiturates, antianxiety drugs with effects of euphoria, tension reduction,, muscle relaxation, drowsiness; stimulants (cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), with effects of fast euphoria, exhilaration, high physical and mental energy, reduced appetite, perceptions of power, and sociability; hallucinogens with effects of euphoria, hallucinations, distorted perceptions and sensations –making the object observe others being tortured (such as family members) –abuse of object’s national, religious feelings or political views). The effects of psychological torture are: anxiety, depression, fear, psychosis, difficulty concentrating, communication disabilities, insomnia, impaired memory, headaches, hallucinations, sexual disturbances, destruction of self-image, inability to socialize  

Techniques of physical torture include: –food, water, sleep deprivation –damage to vital body organs (brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, private parts) plus electric shock ( the brain is particularly dependent on a continuous and stable supply of oxygen and glucose) –rape –face deformation –water cure ( the torturer pours water down the throat of the subject to inflict the terror of drowning. In another variation, the subject is tied or held don in a chair, his face is covered with a cloth or plastic sheet, and water is poured slowly or quickly over his face to encourage him to talk The effects of physical torture are: extreme (unbearable) pain, hypertension, fatigue, cardiopulmonary and other disorders, brain atrophy.  




Doc. 1. CIA rewarded me with immigration status  


There was a small problem. I tried to find Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller and CIA strongly advised me not to do researches like this. Later I’ve informed Nazi hunters about that. Back in 2010 I got this letter.  

Dear Mikhail Kryzhanovsky,  

Thank you for contacting the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Your intriguing message has been relayed to Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the head of our nazi-hunting effort, who is also the director of our office in Jerusalem. Should you wish to contact him directly, his email is swcjerus@netvision. net. il  

Aaron Breitbart  

Simon Wiesental Center International Headquarters, 1399 South Roxbury Drive, Los Angeles, California 90035 Tel. 310 553. 9036, 800 900. 9036 (toll-free from within the U. S. ), 310 553. 4521 (fax).  

In 2011, Melissa Hooper from Simon Wiesenthal Center NYC Office informed me that CIA refused to respond any requests on Mueller.  



Chapter 2. Trump: kill Bill Clinton  


CIA and FBI got from me effective interrogation, tortures and murders methods and used them in Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I designed the world domination, “controlled chaos” and “color” revolutions strategies successfully used to blow up Yugoslavia, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen. But CIA wanted more from me – they had "a hell of a job up to my high professional skills as a sniper – to take care of President Clinton.  

Why Clinton? Ask Trump about that – Bill Clinton was the target of Italian mafia and Trump is the New York mafia most powerful families associate.  



Look. 700, 000 people are the victims of Latin American, Italian and other mafia organizations international trafficking each year. In order to combat the growing and widespread issue of trafficking, the UNO members concluded a new protocol to the Transnational Crime Commission that banned trafficking, resulting in the Palermo Protocol, which the U. S. President Bill Clinton helped develop and support. During this process and ultimately to provide for both implementation of the Protocol and to fill gaps in U. S. law, Congress passed the bipartisan Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and it was signed by President Clinton on October 28, 2000 (Public Law 106-386). The issue of trafficking in persons included those trafficked into the commercial sex industry, modern slavery, and forced labor.  

Attention : In 2000, the BBC reported that Italian mafia groups had a combined capital of $800 billion. Italian gangs cooperate with Albanian gangs in the trafficking of women and girls to USA for prostitution. Clinton’s trafficking Victims protection Act was a huge blow to the business and he had to be “removed”.  

Donald Trump is the mafia associate and his mafia connections are: 1. Salvatore Testa, a Philly mobster and son of one-time Philly mob boss Philip "Chicken Man" Testa. 2. "Fat Tony" Salerno, head of the Genovese crime family, and Paul Castellano, the don of New York′s Gambino family. 3 Ken Shapiro, the “investment banker” for Nicky Scarfo, the especially vicious killer who was Atlantic City’s mob boss. Felix Sater, he was involved in a Mafia-linked scheme to artificially jack up stock value of marginal stocks and then dump them on investors who don’t know any better and funnel the profit in offshore accounts.  


Anyway, I didn’t want to play Oswald and CIA pressed me hard – I couldn’t get my family here. They watched me, took pictures right in my face, searched my apartment, stole my papers.  

June 20, 2001, three months before 9/11 tragedy happened. I’ve warned President George W. Bush and the U. S. Senate on the CIA conspiracy (planned Bill Clinton’s mass assassination) and the national security collapse.  

Then I’ve asked Senator Hillary Clinton to help me with my family reunion and informed her that Bill Clinton owes me his life – I don’t think it looked a blackmail. She was scared first and her Office director Luz Mendez refused any information on the case. Still, she decided to fight CIA and it took her a year to win.  

August 23, 2001, United States Senate, Washington, D. C.  

Dear Mr. Kryzhanovsky, Thank you for contacting my office for assistance. The trust and confidence that your request for assistance represents is very important to me. A Constituent Liaison has been assigned to handle your matter and you should be hearing from my office very soon. Sincerely yours, Hillary Rodham Clinton  



Doc 2. Communication with Senator Clinton (1st letter).  


Finally, in a year, I got help – Hillary Clinton was fighting CIA really hard.  

September 12, 2002, Unite States Senate, Washington, D. C.  

Dear Mr. Kryzhanovsky,  

Thank you for contacting my office for assistance with your matter. I have contacted the Immigration and Naturalization Service at the Nebraska Service Center on your behalf – attached is my response to your inquiry. I hope this information will be of help to you. If I can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact my office again.  

Sincerely yours, Hillary Rodham Clinton #106906  


Doc 3. Communication with Senator Clinton (2nd letter).  


September 17, 2002, The White House, Washington  

Dear Mr. Kryzhanovsky, Thank you for contacting President George W. Bush for assistance with an agency of the Federal government. The White House is sending your inquiry to the Department of Justice, which will review your correspondence. Sincerely, Desiree Thompson.  

What happened next? Robert Mueller, FBI Director, blocked the President′s request.  


Doc. 4. Communication with President George Bush Jr.  



May 20, 2006, Washington, DC  

This Platinum card has been issued to the bearer by the Republican National Committee in recognition of an extraordinary level of commitment to Republican ideals and values.  

Ken Mehlman, Chairman, Republican National Committee  


Doc. 5. Bush showed his support by sending RNC card, though I’ve never supported GOP.  



Chapter 3. Trump: kill Hillary Clinton  


August 9, 2006, Lefrak City, Queens, New York  

At 8 A. M. I saw a flyer next to the door of my apartment – this one.  





ATTENTION : There were no other flyers in Lefrak City – why? It was a personal message from three directors – she is the one we want you to kill.  

Do you know what’s Lefrak City? It’s 10 old brick 18-floor projects for poor African-Americans, Latinos, and Russians. The most dangerous area in Queens and the New York State, stuffed with street gangs, crack cocaine, prostitutes and illegal guns. In two minutes I was at the place – just to make sure a Senator and a former First Lady Hillary Clinton is protected by the "best of the best" – the U. S. Secret Service.  

I was sure they watched the area for the last 24 hours. I was sure the access to the area is restricted. I was sure that one week before the event local police and FBI instructed the secret sources to stay at alert and report any suspicious activity and people who had or tried to purchase illegal guns, and who want to kill Hillary Clinton. I was sure bad guys and aggressive psychos were isolated temporarily or monitored at least. I was sure technicians checked the air, soil and water (in the open pool) for radioactivity and toxic substances, looked for explosives and brought a trained dog. I was sure there was no access to a single roof and they put metal detector at the entrance to the area. I was sure they double checked the guest list. Kill me, but I was dead sure the Secret Service team would never let any bad guy approach Hillary. I was wrong.  

8. 30 A. M. Nothing, nobody. The place was a heaven for terrorists: – a circle of six 18-floor-1500-window buildings (such meetings in the open areas close to residential buildings are not allowed for people guarded by Secret Service ) – a playground; – an open stage under a small roof (no walls) – a BBQ place – a pool. And 6 hours to get ready for assassination: – observe the place and plan the operation – put a mine under a stage – try a silenced sniper rifle from the roof and make necessary corrections if there are any deviations – place the whole army of terrorists all over the place.  

ATTENTION : I've checked one roof – the door was open, thank you.  

11 A. M. Two girls, three assistants, free "Pepsi", 2 cops, no restriction, not even a "Don’t cross" tape. 1 P. M. About 500 people came to the playground – retired old men and women, homeless alcoholics, drug addicts, screaming psychos, kids, teens and reporters. 2. 30 P. M. People screamed like crazy when Hillary finally appeared and tried to make her way through the crowd. Any psycho could kill her with a kitchen knife – cops and two Secret Service agents were as passive as they could. She got to the stage encircled by a wild, absolutely uncontrolled crowd. One agent was standing behind her, another one – on the stairs. No security.  

She made a 15 minutes speech and then I’ve witnessed a total uncontrollable chaos – still on the stage, she tried to shake hands and people went wild; somebody gave her flowers (absolutely unacceptable thing), somebody asked her to hold a baby to make pictures; people screamed and pushed each other. Agents paid no attention, chewing gums, proud of their James Bond style sunglasses. Poor Sabini asked people to move away – nobody cared. Only when young girls jumped up on the stage, police officer restricted the place with a yellow tape – the Secret Service guys were surprised (! ).  

I tried to protect the U. S. Senator – I stayed close to the stage and watched the rooftops. If I saw the sniper(s), I would have jumped on he stage, knocked her down, covered with my body and died, most probably…  

… At 3. 30 P. M. she left the playground and had to move through the crowd again.  


Episode 2. Trump attempted to assassinate Hillary Clinton using me as a sniper.  


Instruction on KGB regular assassination technology I wrote for CIA back in 1996  


Shooting, using explosives or poison. You must use a sniper or a “mouse” car (loaded with explosives and parked on the object’s route) if access to the object is impossible because of high security. Anyway, the murder is obvious and investigation is inevitable.  

General scheme (if you use a sniper).  

The best thing to do is to recruit somebody with access to the object’s security system and get information on his schedule (plus health and habits), places where he likes to relax. Try to gain access to his phone.  

Then prepare the plan and train three groups: surveillance (with optics and radios), action (includes snipers, explosives technicians or staged accidents specialists), and security (these people neutralize bodyguards, witnesses and other people who could interrupt the action; they complete the action if the action group fails; and they can neutralize the action group later, if planned so; they “cover” the safe retreat of action group and “cut” the chase).  

For some operations you can modify the ammunition to make it more deadly – hollow cuts in the tip of the bullets will cause the lead to fragment upon impact, making a huge exit hole. You reach same effect using bullets with a drop of mercury in a hollow tip and you can also coat bullets with arsenic or cyanide. Use depleted, non-radioactive uranium bullets (uranium is much heavier than lead – it can be used to make a bullet with a smaller slug and a larger portion of explosive). Teflon bullets are good because with Teflon’s antifriction characteristics they pierce bullet proof vests.  



Trump ordered the U. S. Secret Service to shoot Hillary Clinton, his future competitor.  

July 30, 2012, New York City  

I had a meeting with Secret Service, this time – special agent Jason Pietramica and his partner, tel. 718-840-1000, New York office. He was nice and promised to help me and give me a job. What was the job? Murder, of course.  

Professional questions followed : What are my political views? Do I visit the places were Bill and Hillary Clinton appear in public? Do I plan to see them, get in touch with them? My answer was a big "No".  



The paper I had to sign at the meeting with Pietramica  


Episode 3. Trump ordered to poison presidential candidate Hillary Clinton  



on KGB staged murders technology which I wrote for CIA back in 1996  


Staged accidents : suicides, catastrophes, drowning or fall, robbery or rape followed by murder, technical accident (fire, electricity, gas), drugs, weapons, poison, explosives misuse. Also, staged natural death (stroke, heart attack, chronic illness as a result of special technical devices like irradiation).  

Attention: Conceal injection sites by choosing areas that could not be easily detected, such as fingernails or toenails.  

For staged accidents you can use acetone (absorption of large quantities via either the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract results in decreased respiration, stupor and death); carbon monoxide — acetylene gas, illuminating gas (coal gas), automobile gas, furnace gas; or a simple novocaine + coffee combination.  

In some cases nonbacterial food poisoning is suitable. It can occur following the ingestion of :  

1) certain species of mushrooms such as Amanita Muscaria, which contains the toxic alkaloid muscarine, and Amanita Phalloides, which contains phalloidin or other toxins  

2) immature or sprouting potatoes, the active poison of which is colanin,  

3) mussels — death may occur as a result of respiratory failure  

4) grain, especially rye, which has become contaminated with the ergot fungus, Claviceps Purpurea. Ergot contains a number of active principles including ergotoxin, tyramine and ergamin (histamine)  

5) fruits sprayed with salts of lead or arsenic and food stored in cadmium-lined containers.  


Staged botulism is effective, too. It’s an acute intoxication manifested by neuromuscular disturbances, following ingestion of food containing a toxin, elaborated by Clostridium botulinum, a common soil bacillus. The disease is always caused by the ingestion of improperly preserved food, usually a home-canned product, in which the toxin has been produced during the growth of the causative organism. The spores of Clostridium botulinum are highly resistant to heat; in water they require exposure for 5 hours at 212°F to ensure their death.  

The preserved food wherein the toxin is most commonly found are string beans, corn, spinach, olives, beets, asparagus, sea food, pork products and beef. The mortality of botulism may be as high as 65 per cent. Most of the fatal cases die between the 2nd and 9th days following the ingestion of the toxin. Death usually results from respiratory paralysis or from secondary bronchopneumonia. In those who survive, the disease usually reaches its height in the first days of illness. Recovery is characteristically very slow and residual weakness of the ocular muscles may persist for many months.  

Some cases demand usage of poisons, both organic — like concentrated nicotine that enters the body through skin or concentrated inhalation of horseradish, garlic or rotten meat, which causes breathing paralysis; poisons extracted from rattlesnake, cobra, stonefish, and inorganic — arsenic, thallium, cyanides. Teflon can generate a deadly methane gas; or carbon tetrachloride can be boiled or burnt so that it gives off lethal phosgene gas. Any poison could be mixed with an agent that enters the body through the skin and takes anything with it.  


2. Action.  



U. S. Secret Service NYC field office assassins did the job and poisoned Hillary Clinton – they tried to kill me too earlier.  

They poisoned Hillary Clinton 3-4 days before 9/11ceremony. It looked like pneumonia symptoms.  

She collapsed and had to leave the ceremony. She was fortunate enough to survive, because Trump changed his decision – she had to be sick, unable to continue her campaign.  



Chapter 4. Trump: kill Barack Obama  


March 12, 2010, Washington, DC.  


Doc. 6. Invitation for a dinner with President Obama and Speaker of the House Pelosi  


It came from DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) signed by Ian Sugar, Director of Development.  

"Mike, we wanted to make sure you received this invitation for a very special occasion. We would love to have you be a part of this event. DCCC needs your support to fight for the American people. We hope to see you on May 13th in New York City".  

So, I had to come to St. Regis Hotel, New York to join President Barack Obama Thursday, May 13, 2010 (St. Regis Hotel Ballroom, Two East 55th Street at Fifth Avenue, New York, New York). 6:00 p. m. – Host Committee VIP Reception 6:30 p. m. – Dinner  

I got St. Regis ballroom plan. Actually, I could eliminate “Obama” but it’s a suicide to work on the roof of the hotel. It wasn′t very complicated job if I would have taken it. All I had to do was: buy 9mm Zig Zauer (Secret Service pistol), practice shooting in the forest upstate, come to St. Regis unarmed, disarm any Secret Service fat pig and do the job. The problem is, I′m 40 years in espionage business and I′m always listening to what my intuition says. It was a 100% CIA pre-assassination setup – I come, they kill “Obama”, arrest me and kill me in a jail same day. Same thing they did to Lee Harwey Oswald. It was a very serious problem and I′ve informed the U. S. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzerald.  

June 8, 2010, Washington, D. C.  


Bill Clinton and Obama′s planned murders were not Patrick Fitzerald′s ( the U. S. Special Counsel) business.  

U. S. Office of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzerald 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 218, Washington, DC 20036, 202-254-3600 RE: OSC File No: HA-10-2641  

"Mr. Kryzhanovsky, You allege that Mr. Leon Panetta violated the Hatch Act through his role in the "Millenium Hilton" operation. We reviewed this matter, and as explained below, we are closing our file without further action. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from engaging in political activity while on duty. Your allegation that Mr. Panetta is involved in a CIA-FBI conspiracy, which you call the "Millennium Hilton" operation, even if true, is not activity thatfalls within the prohibitions of the Hatch Act. Therefore, we are closing the above referenced file. Erica S. Hamrick"  


Doc 7. Communication with Patrick Fitzerald  


September 10, 2011, New York  

I had a chat with a very professional anonymous a hacker on Internet (my Facebook page), and here′s a report. – I did some digging..... you′re on the FBI, CIA, NSA [National Security Agency – M. K. ], and even DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency – M. K. ] top 25 watch list....don’t worry, I have this page secured, but damn, did you know this? – No. How you got it? – Well I didn’t find it on Wiki! I had to hack, do some "overtime" work in the office, wasn′t supposed to, but did it anyway. – Can I see this info? – I didn’t dare lift it. – Most interesting is DIA. – Not really. You′d be surprised, the USA intelligence community is a mess, everybody does everybody else’s work, and does it badly. – True. – Interns can view classified files from work without anyone noticing, its pathetic that I did what I just did, I shouldn’t have been able to but I could. – Still, I′d like to know what DIA wants. – I have no idea why they find you a subject of such high interest. Ex KGB officer living in the United States. I′d say with all you′ve done, I′m surprised you′re not on every list. – So, can I have a look? – I haven’t done any lifts yet, as long as you don’t "touch" anything, it’s harder to trace, I′ll see what I can do. I′ll get back to you.  

October 12, 2011, New York  

A meeting with two Secret Service agents, John and Brat, who informed me they came from Washington, D. C., to find me and talk about my video on the web “How to Kill Obama” about the vulnerability of the president’s protection system. They told me that a New York field office group is looking for me and I’m lucky they came from Washington and found me. I asked if it’s about the murder and added that if they wanted to kill me, they could place a sniper across the street, I’m not scared. The agents avoided the answer, filed the papers, made a photo, asked me to state that I’m not going to kill Obama. More interesting – they told me they wanted me to work for them too :" We know you, "Filament", work for CIA and we want you to work for us too. We′ll pay you". So, I′m still acting CIA agent and they′re still sure I do political murders. And who was the target this time – Obama?  

October 15, 2011, New York  

I′ve got information that team # 2, two men and a woman armed with handguns, found my family in Brooklyn, interrogated them in a very rude manner, illegally searched the apartment, took PC (and kept it for a month). They also ordered my wife and son not to tell me about their visit in case of my phone call. It looked like Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan didn′t make a final decision yet – to kill me or not. Here are the names of the death squad members: Gene Gurevich, Susan Klemm, Chris Lieneman. Soon after that my wife (we were separated) had three strokes in a row and in 2013 she died (of cancer).  


Doc 8. The U. S. Secret Service agents’ business cards  


January, 20 2011, New York  

FBI special agent Eric Perry, (tel. 718) 286-7100), informed me that my actions made "high authorities, people on the very top extremely nervous". He didn′t explain if it was FBI Director Robert Mueller, but we understood each other well. Perry said I better disappear if I don’t want to end up at FBI “special jail”. “Special jail” means a total secrecy and a special attitude, which means tortures and murders of the victims who disappear into nowhere. So, CIA, Secret Service and FBI are terrorist organizations.  

June 29, 2012, Washington, D. C.  

I′ve contacted the office of James Clapper, Director of National intelligence and talked to Clapper’s assistant William Shea (williams1@dni. gov). They promised to ask CIA about me.  

Next day Shea called me back and advised to go back to CIA and FBI. "I′m not authorized to talk anymore. Good luck". So, Clapper is involved in Trump’s conspiracy too.  


April 12, 2012, Queens, S. Richmond Hill, New York  


Who’s Jerry Corsi? Key Trump-Russia witness who seemingly admitted to collusion on MSNBC, an American author, WorldNetDaily political commentator, personal Obama’s enemy best known for his New York Times bestselling books Where′s Birth Certificate and Killing the Deep State (The Fight to Save President Trump). In 2018 Corsi was subpoenaed by the Mueller Special Counsel investigation over his contacts with former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone and foreknowledge of WikiLeaks releases of stolen Clinton emails. Corsi claimed that he turned down a plea deal with Robert Mueller, and denied any such contacts or knowledge. Draft court documents showed that he emailed Stone several times, updating him about impending WikiLeaks releases of leaked emails.  

Jerry Corsi came to see me after we communicated for couple of days via e-mail about our anti-Obama investigations. Corsi brought me his book "Where′s Birth Certificate" for "my courage". We talked three hours at the nearest café. He was impressed by my experience as a spy and KGB sniper. We made arrangements for the next meeting and Corsi promised me some big and important job.  


Doc. 9. Jerry Corsi business card  


May 20, 2012, same place  

Corsi brought anti-Obama conspiracy plan, a big fake. I had to go back to Russia and find two former KGB officers who allegedly knew that Obama was working for KGB intelligence. These officers had to write down personal statements and didn′t have to sign them with their legal names. I come back with the papers and "anonymous sponsor" pays me through Corsi $50, 000. Sponsor wants to remove Obama from the Oval Office. Anonymous rich sponsor paying cash. Trump? Money was big, but there was a problem. CIA was watching me on the daily basis and I could never leave USA alive for this conspiracy trip. Corsi was angry – I understood him. if Trump pays me $50, 000, WND guys and Corsi could get a million. I said "No". I can imagine how angry Trump was. Now I have a question forTrump: Corsi asked me how good I am as a sniper. Mr. Trump, you still want me to kill Obama?  

July 30, 2012, Queens, New York City  

I had a meeting with Secret Service, this time – special agent Jason Pietramica and his partner, tel. 718-840-1000, New York office. He was nice and promised to help me and give me a job. What was the job? Murder, of course. Professional questions followed : What are my political views? Do I visit the places were Bill and Hillary Clinton appear in public? Do I plan to see them, get in touch with them? My answer was"No". Who wanted Hillary Clinton dead? Putin, CIA, FBI, Secret Service?  


Doc. 10 The U. S. Secret Service form I had to sign  


And the last question – “Do you want to go to Moscow? ” Wow. Going to Moscow for what? To work as a sniper? And who’s the mark – Putin? And if I take him, and if I’m arrested by FSB, Russia starts World War III. Great plan. I understand that somebody on top of American politics or big business ordered to take Putin and Clintons. I also understand that Secret Service, CIA and FBI work on the project together. I also understand that my action might trigger the war. Besides, I’m sure Putin blackmailed somebody big and this “somebody” might be a President, a former President, a powerful presidential candidate, very rich guy ora clan connected to the White House, Pentagon and these three agencies. I’d include Trump in a short list.  


Chapter 5. Trump: how Putin erased Hillary Clinton 2016  


September 4, 2013, New York I made a huge mistake when I′ve helped Russian President Putin to steal the inevitable victory from people′s presidential candidate 2016 – Hillary Clinton.  

I was sure she, the most hawkish politician in America, was going to start World War III with Russia and I killed her 2016 presidency, though she helped me a lot when I had problems with CIA. Instead, I brought to power American Hitler, Putin′s close friend Donald Trump who′s going to terminate the United States. Here′s the story.  

September 4, 2012, New York  

To: Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, Kremlin, Moscow  

Dear Mr. President, Hillary Clinton, a former Secretary of State, is preparing for a very aggressive presidential campaign 2016. It′s important that she′s supported not only by the Rockefellers clan ($3 trln worth) but also by high-ranked neocons, hawks like a former VP Dick Cheney and also the the majority of Joint Chiefs of Staff. That means that Hillary Clinton, in case she′s elected the U. S. President in 2016, will start the World War III with Russia for Russian resources. That′s why I advise you, Mr. President to use your propaganda, political and technical possibilities (FSO and its division, FSO Special Communications and Information Service) to compromise Hillary Clinton and remove her from the presidential race 2016.  

Thank you. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB intelligence officer, a former CIA "Filament"  

September 18, 2012, Moscow  

FROM: President of The Russian Federation Executive Office, Directorate for Communication  

Ilinka str, 23/16, Moscow #A26-16-545097  

TO: M. Kryzhanovsky  

We inform you the letter to you've sent via e-form was received by the President. The letter has been sent to the Federal Protective Service.  

A. Maksukov, Adviser, Directorate of Communication  


Doc. 11. Communication with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin  


Attention. The Federal Protective Service (FSO) is a federal government agency concerned with the tasks related to the protection of several high-ranking state officials, including the President of Russia. FSO includes Special Communications and Information Service of Russia (Spetsviaz or SCID), a cryptologic intelligence agenc responsible for the collection of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligence. It is the equivalent to the United States National Security Agency.  

October 3, 2013, Moscow  

Earlier I′ve sent the same letter to Sergey Naryshkin, Russian Duma (the parliament) Speaker, KGB spy in 1978-1982, a former Putin′s Executive Office Chief in 2008-2011. He sent the letter to FSB (Russian Counterespionage Service) Chief Alexander Bortnikov, because I′ve mentioned a possible threat of Putin′s assassination by the Secret Service team. I can imagine how angry Putin was when Naryshkin showed him my letter – he had no doubt that Hillary Clinton, his personal enemy, was behind the Secret Service planned murder.  

FSB answered me fast:  

July 30, 2013, Moscow  

FROM: Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation 101100, 2 Lubyanskaya sq, Moscow  

TO: M. Kryzhanovsky  

Dear Mikhail Ivanovich, We received and looked into your letter to the Duma. We'll use the information you've provided.  

N. Zakharov, Chief, Center of Public Relations  


Doc. 12. A letter from the Federal Security Service of Russia  


Remember, FSB (a former KGB) have very well trained killers – I was a member (a sniper) of KGB "Nabat" anti-terror team myself. Putin got my letter and answered fast, because Hillary Clinton was his personal enemy since 2008 presidential campaign when she said:" He [Putin] was a KGB agent. By definition he doesn’t have a soul. " Putin punched her back saying that she should have a head "  

Besides, Putin knows me in person as the author of the White House Special Handbook and Espionage Handbook, and that's why took my warning very seriously.  

Putin appointed these two chiefs to be in charge of the "Hillary-2016" Project – Dmitriy Kochnev, FSO Director and Alexey Mironov, the Special Communications and Information Director.  

Kochnev prepared the "Hillary" Project plan to be signed by Putin and executed by Mironov. According to this plan SCID : 1. Had penetrated the servers of the DNC and Schultz, the DNC chair, Clinton campaign chairman Podesta, whose private emails were published by WikiLeaks in the days leading up to the Democratic convention. Putin called the hacking and release of nearly 20, 000 emails from the DNC "a public service". The e-mails the DNC's favoritism of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders published by Wikileaks compromised Dems' leaders and Hillary too. 2. Hacked Hillary Clinton's personal phone and computer. All information was transferred straight to Trump who got the possibility to correct his strategy. And leaked to the public. 3. Hacked the 2016 elections. How? First, the attackers probed election offices well in advance in order to find ways to break into their computers. Second, closer to the election, when it was clear from polling data which states would have close electoral margins, the attackers spreaded malware into voting machines in some of the states, rigging the machines to shift a few percent of the vote.  

October 18, 2012,  

Putin takes me seriously – he ordered WikiLeaks to hack my computer and got my letter ( my “The Professional” system for American presidents – CIA request) to Stratford, American geopolitical intelligence platform. http://wikileaks. wikimee. org/gifiles/docs/1348045_-analytical-and-intelligence-comments-cia-. html.  


Files released: 5543061 Specified Search  

On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. [Analytical & Intelligence Comments] "THE PROFESSIONAL" system by Kryzhanovsky (White House Special Handbook). Released on 2012-08-11 00:00 GMT Link: https://wikileaks. org/gifiles/docs/51/5127100_-analytical-and-intelligence-comments-the-professional. html  


November 2, 2013, Moscow  

Trump: Recruitment (my version)  

Trump came to Moscow for his Miss Universe 2013 pageant and stayed at Ritz Carlton. Trump hired prostitutes to perform a "golden showers" (urination) show in front of him", "defiling" the presidential suite bed in which the Obamas had previously slept. It was a set up, a regular one.  

1. Russian SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service, former KGB) starts a file on any American citizen with big money and political connections who talks positive about President Putin.  

Attention : SVR has files on all American politicians who make statements on their possible run for the U. S. President. Trump made such statements and he was running for the President in 2000.  

2. SVR starts file on Trump in 2008 with the purpose of his recruitment and receiving political information from his multiple sources in the U. S. Congress and the White House.  

3. SVR officers under cover of the Russian Consulate diplomats met Trump in New York City in 2012-2013 and made him a very generous offer – he can get a green light to any projects in Russia in exchange for his spying for the Russian government. Trump refused the offer. That's why Putin ordered SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov to prepare a special operation, place Trump into a compromising sexual situation, blackmail him and recruit as a secret source.  

4. Prostitutes were SVR female officers – they were instructed to play most pervert sexual games with Trump.  

5. Miss Universe 2013, the 62nd Miss Universe pageant, was held on November, 9, 2013 at the Crocus City Hall, Krasnogorsk, a suburb of Moscow, Russia. Trump came a week before and stayed at the Ritz Carlton. His Russian assistants recommended him the best Russian prostitutes. Trump agreed and put himself in a trap. (On November 9, 2017 Trump's long-time confidant Keith Schiller privately testified that he “rejected” a Russian offer to send five women to then private-citizen Trump's hotel room during their 2013 trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant).  

6. After the pageant was over, SVR officers met Trump at the hotel – he had no choice. They were back and he signed the regular agreement: "I, Donald Trump, agree to help SVR and improve Russian-American relations. I'll sign my confidential reports with the alias "__".  

7. Trump is the SVR secret source since 2013. Putin met him in person and he understood that this guy might be "promoted" to the U. S. President. Putin ordered fantastic operation and the result was perfect – on November 8, 2016 Trump was elected the U. S. leader.  


Chapter 6. How Putin handles his asset Trump (KGB instructions)  


KGB Recruitment Pyramid  

Priority recruitment candidates in the USA:  

The US President (Trump)  

The White House staff  

The Cabinet and federal agencies  

The US Congress  

Big corporations  

Big scientific institutions  

Local politicians  

VIP world (celebrities – big media, show biz, big sport)  



Categories of KGB agents  


A. "Garbage" (60%), the "no trust " category.  

Recruitment is #1 priority for the officer and a part of his working plan and very often he has to recruit people who are not born agents. You can work with a nice guy, teach him, pay him, press him — and he still avoids any cooperation (busy, sick, on vacation, etc. ). It’s hard to get rid of him because, first, you have to explain to your superiors why you recruited garbage and second, there’s a rule: if you want to be very smart and innovative, a reformer, who came here to start intelligence revolution and get rid of a passive agent, recruit an active one first. Also, agents who work under pressure (blackmail) sooner or later slide into this category.  

B. Trump and others  

Good agents (30%), middle category. They adhere to the rules of discipline and keep the schedule (that’s very important even if there’s no information), deliver a lot of information that you have to verify through other sources, but don’t show much initiative. Used for regular espionage: go and talk to the object, copy documents, make a recording, take pictures, listen, watch. You can trust them and check often, anyway.  

C. Born agents (10%). You are very lucky if you can recruit such people. They betray their country with pleasure and sometimes do not even ask for money because it’s in their character — they are looking for adventure or are not happy with their personal or professional life and seek improvement or revenge. They take risks, have good analytical abilities, good education, make (VIP) connections easily, "crack" any object, play the "good guy" whom you can trust. Sometimes they come to you as volunteers, and if they bring valuable stuff – recruit them  

Special category. Women.  

Women are a special category here, as elsewhere, and the rule is: if you can’t recruit a real agent, you recruit a woman. It’s not professional to recruit a woman for a serious operation, but if you want to get to an important object, a woman can introduce you. OK, you can recruit a US Senator’s secretary or a typist from the Pentagon, but it will be on your conscience if she gets caught. Such cases entail a life sentence, usually — how would you feel? Besides, women often fall in love with their objects and tell them everything. Finally, a married woman is much bigger problem than a married man.  


"Golden" rules dealing with Trump  


1. Do not tell Trump about problems and mistakes of the agency, about your personal problems, about other agents, about his own file and compromising information you have on him.  

2. Don’t show Trump any classified documents – you might provoke him to sell the information to somebody else.  

3. Don’t trust Trump too much; they can use you to compromise their personal enemies.  

4. Never criticize Trump – be an adviser. Don’t talk straight if he avoids cooperation or brings you garbage – just reduce or stop payments, or get rid of him.  

5. You lose Trump if you don’t pay him for a job well done, ask him to "produce" fake information (to show your bosses how much great espionage activity you have going on) or if you don’t care about his personal security and his personal problems (health, career). And — never give poison to your agent for security reasons..  

6. Manipulate Trump and consider his schizophrenia symptoms:  

– hostility, suspiciousness, extreme reaction to criticism – Trump′s anti-media attitude.  

– odd or irrational statements : "We build the anti--Mexican wall and Mexico gonna pay for it".  

– delusions of grandeur : Trump believes that he is a unique human being (like Jesus) on a mission to save America. His malignant narcissism is beyond any explanation.  

–unpredictable or inappropriate emotional responses – "I can kill anybody in the street! "  

–Trump′s behavior is bizarre – he treats women as sexual slaves.  

– Trump′s thinking and speech are disorganized, speech speech often includes putting together meaningless words that can′t be understood – word salad. That means he′s usually promising to fix everything (healthcare, immigration, Palestinian problem) but has no idea what to do.  

–delusions – Trump has false beliefs that are not based in reality. One of the biggest, with no proof at all, – his false contention that he lost national popular vote because of illegal votes.  

– Trump′s motor behavior in public is disorganized and abnormal motor behavior. His appearances are really scary because they usually end up in unpredictable agitation no matter what the question or problem is under discussion.  

– Trump is a pathological liar, no matter what facts you have to prove he′s wrong. His statement "I never met Putin" is ridiculous after this Savage′s 2015 radio show audio was posted on the web: https://clyp. it/ijpsirbw.  

– Trump has trouble organizing his thoughts or making logical connections. His mind is racing from one unrelated thought to another. Sometimes he has "thought withdrawal, " a feeling that thoughts are removed from his head, or "thought blocking, " when his flow of thinking suddenly gets interrupted.  

2) Questioning Trump  

This is of extreme importance – the right question brings you the right answer and top secret info. Give Trump a chance to tell and show you everything he’s brought, no matter how chaotic the story might be or how ordinary the documents look. Don’t make written notices. Don’t bring written questions even if you are talking about some advanced technology — look and be professional. Don’t let Trump analyze the information before he talks to you and don’t let him bring it in a written form – it’s usually not complete; he can lose it; or it may be stolen from him. If there are documents, he has to bring a microfilm. Ask questions — when? where? what happened? why? what’s going to happen next? After that you tell the story back to Trump and he adds details. At the end of the meeting give the agent another task and don’t ask him to bring you "something, " because he’ll bring you just that "something" and nothing else. Remember, questioning is not interrogation; do not bring another officer to the meeting because it will look like cross interrogation.  

3) Teaching Trump  

Teach Trump to:  

– follow security rules while talking to people, working with the documents and especially meeting the officer (some foreign agencies practice open contacts with many people, hoping that the meeting with the agent won’t attract much attention — I don’t recommend that)  

– always stay calm in stressful situations  

– always keep discipline and come in time  

– use analytic abilities working with people and documents – ask yourself as many questions as you can  

Spy Code for Trump, KGB asset  

1. No mercy, no ideology, no emotions.  

2. Intuition is nothing but the ability to watch and analyze.  

3. No evidence is evidence in itself.  

4. Distrust is a mother of security.  

5. Never look as if you are sizing up the person – that’s a sign that gives away cops and spies.  

6. Don’t start first if you don’t know the rules.  

7. The way you act is the way you think – behavior is a system of codes (information) which could be calculated by the enemy. Watch your face – that’s a shop window.  

8. Think fast, talk slow.  

9. Avoid self-programming and never think bad about yourself.  

10. Don’t smoke, drink or take drugs if it’s not necessary; spare your stomach from very hot or cold food or drinks; avoid too much noise and light.  

11. Don’t be shy to lie – the more you lie the more people respect you.  

12. Let people talk out and “empty their brains” – then load your information.  

13. People never change – everybody wants to get pleasure and avoid pain.  

14. “He knew too much” means “He talked too much. ”  

15. Never ask extra questions – wait. Wait and the object will get used to you and open himself – nobody can stay tense for long.  

16. Lonely people live longer in espionage business.  

17. “No exit” situation is the one you don’t like or don’t understand.  

18. Avoid:  

– personal enemies (they fix negative information on you)  

– silent types (they notice and think too much)  

– other professionals (they’ll blow your identity)  

– extra stress (it damages your heart and blood vessels and that kills your brain and your ability to think )  

– talking too much  

19. The best weapon against your enemy is his enemy.  

20. “I want nothing” means “I want everything”.  

21. Small lie gives birth to big distrust.  

22. If you can’t buy a lady or a gentleman, sell them.  


3) Checking Trump  

You can never be sure you are not working with a "double agent, " even if he brings you top secret stuff. Besides, agents are human beings and they make mistakes — they forget about security, spend too much money, talk too much and ask extra questions; if arrested they may not play the hero but will tell everything. Anyway, you can check Trump:  

a. by fake arrest followed by severe interrogation.  

b. through provocation (tell him you know about his "double game" and watch his behavior after the meeting (it’s good to have a listening device or a camera in his house).  

c. by making an analysis of all the information and documents he delivers and comparing it with information from other sources.  

d. through other agents.  

e. through your "mole" in counter-intelligence (if you’re lucky).  

f. through technical devices (reading the mail, listening to the phone, secret searching his house and office, watching him through hidden cameras, trying surveillance in the street).  


Termination of the asset Trump (one-way ticket, if necessary)  

It doesn’t happen often but you have to know some special situations when you have to terminate Trump:  

1. Trump knows too much (talks too much) and is ready to betray you.  

2. Trump is under suspicion and you can’t help him for political reasons (diplomatic, international scandal, etc. ) — in such a case an accident could be staged. It happens that the agent is too close to President.  

3. Trump was involved in special operations (murders) and is dangerous as a witness.  

4. Trump is trying to blackmail you.  

5. You need to press (blackmail) other agents.  


General Flynn : how Putin awarded him  



December 10, 2015, Moscow  

President Putin and Mr Flynn attended the gala dinner in honour of Russia's RT television network. Donald Trump’s embattled National Security Adviser led a standing ovation for Vladimir Putin during a gala. Flynn didn’t just join the standing ovation for Putin. He started it. In a video posted by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, not only did Flynn joined in the standing ovation following Putin’s speech, but on closer examination, it’s clear that Flynn and the woman next to him led the standing ovation for Putin. Flynn had the honor, along with Jill Stein (who also joined in the ovation), of sitting at Putin’s table.  


Take a look at these photos from the beginning of the ovation. First, the larger photo showing only Flynn and the woman next to him standing as Putin finishes. Then a close-up.  







June 4, 2017  


During the interview broadcast by NBC News' Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, Putin played down his contacts with the American general: "I made my speech, then I talked about some other stuff, then I got up and left. And then afterwards I was told 'Do you know that was an American gentleman and he was involved in some things? He used to be in the security services. ' That's it. I didn't even really talk to him. " Putin also rejected as "another load of nonsense" claims that the Kremlin had any damaging information on President Trump.  


Putin can lie to Megan Kelly, Donald Trump, America and the rest of the world. Putin can't lie to me.  

Because he knows me as we removed Hillary Clinton from the 2016 race together. Because we've graduated same KGB Intel Institute (Putin – 1985, me – 1987). Because we were both KGB spies. Because I'm 40 years in espionage and I'm the author of Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook. Because I've protected A. Gromyko, the USSR Supreme Soviet Chairman, in 1985 and I know perfectly well how the system works.  

Do you know how many special FSO Service (former KGB 9th Department) agents protect Putin?  

10, 000 (ten thousand) And Putin tells me they had no idea who's sitting next to him at RT gala?  

And Putin wants to tell me they didn't inform him that Michael T. Flynn is: – a retired United States Army lieutenant general, – a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (top U. S. military spy and top Russia's military enemy! ), – a former Commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (top of the top secret position! ) – a former Chair of the Military Intelligence Board (! ) – no comments.  

Putin, a former KGB spy, the President of Russia, didn't know he was sitting next to Russia's #1 enemy. Then he had to fire all 10, 000 idiots. No, he had to shoot them. And kill himself. But he didn't. Why? Because Flynn is SVR (Russian Intel Service, former KGB) asset. Because sitting next to Putin was a "medal" for his treason. Because there's an old KGB tradition when KGB Chairman or even the President of the country takes picture together with the asset.  

That's why Vladimir Putin had no choice but to lie.  








How Putin paid Trump  

January – August 2017  

Russian oligarch Victor Vekselberg, who has an estimated worth of $13 billion, a close friend of Putin, wired $500, 000 into a First Republic bank account registered to Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen's Essential Consulting Co. The money was routed to Cohen in 8 payments from Columbus Nova, a Manhattan-based investment firm owned by Vekselberg's American cousin Andrew Intrater. Richard Ownes, an aatorney for Columbus Nova, explained that the wire transfers were issued after the firm hired Cohen as a business consultant.  



Chapter 7. How Trump got Oval Office on my instructions  


November 8, 2016, Washington, DC  

Trump got the Oval Office. He received 306 pledged electoral votes versus 232 for Clinton. The official counts were 304 and 227 respectively, after defections on both sides. Trump received a smaller share of the popular vote than Clinton, which made him the fifth person to be elected president while losing the popular vote. Clinton was ahead nationwide by 2. 1 percentage points, with 65, 853, 514 votes (48. 18%) to 62, 984, 828 votes (46. 09%); neither candidate reached a majority.  

Trump used my (KGB) instructions to win :  

1. 1 Get Ready  

Before you make a decision to run for President, you must determine for yourself if you can handle the Oval Office: Are you willing to accept such a huge responsibility and put the rest of your life on hold? Are you skilled in dealing with big groups of people? Can you motivate the nation to action? And repair about your biography, which is, of course, not perfect.  

Then you must:  

1. Decide how are you going to impress party leaders.  

2. Make intensive preliminary polling to determine your chances.  

3. Poll big demographic groups as well as smaller groups of people from selected demographic groups.  

4. Determine the rationale for your candidacy. What is your political record?  

5. Delay announcing your candidacy until late in the year before the election to minimize expenditures and risk, avoid legal spending limits, avoid voter fatigue, avoid getting ensnarled in unnecessary controversies and contradictions.  

6. Carefully study applicable election laws before you start fundraising and spending.  

7. Write your campaign plan (strategic objective, tactical targets, key message, target audiences, methods of delivery, timing, your progress evaluation — polls).  

8. Learn the political and economic issues and develop your campaign message.  

9. Prepare the “speech” and the “book” (the “speech” is the standard speech that you deliver and it should answer the most important question — why are you running for President; the “book” contains the message and all possible questions on your program.  

10. Take a benchmark poll – it will provide the road map for your campaign.  

11. Establish your strategy and message  

12. Study the results, polls and “successful” areas of previous election.  

13. Establish a perfect graphic look (image).  

14. Develop a fundraising plan, put the fundraising team in place and start asking for money. No money – no campaign.  

15. Create a personal contacts pyramid (priority and general contacts) because personal popularity is your starting point.  

16. Set up offices.  

17. Get professional candidate training.  

18. Determine the focus of your presidential policy (taxes, crime, education, health, social security, national security).  

1. 2 Working with the Staff  

Basic campaign staffers include:  

1) campaign managers — they plan the campaign, organize and recruit the staff, supervise daily campaign operations, make priority contacts with key special groups big business and big media, correct the strategy and make quick decisions. It has to be someone you trust completely.  

2) campaign consultants-specialists in both direct (personal and public meetings) and indirect (media, advertising) campaigning  

3) strategists  

4) analysts  

5) issues researchers  

6) speechwriters  

7) lawyer (interprets election and campaign reporting laws)  

8) personal assistants (work on issues in foreign and domestic policy in cooperation with the whole team).  

9) fundraisers (plan and execute fundraising events — dinners, parties, auctions, direct appeals through telephone and letters, receptions, computerized fundraising). Big business has to be approached by rich fundraiser only.  

10) scheduler (determines events and locations — TV and radio talk shows, news — conferences, meetings with students and professors at college campuses and with professionals at their associations’ annual meetings, special events and fundraisers especially with ethnic leaders in big cities, as well as festivals and big shows where celebrities demonstrate their support, large extravaganzas, meetings at civic clubs, farm warehouse auctions and special auctions, local civic events. Also, scheduler makes arrangements with local media before your visit and sends media the copies of your speech; insures that good crowd will attend the event and takes care of transportation arrangements). The purpose of the campaign planning and strategic scheduling is to draw press attention to the candidate for transmission to the voting public. That’s natural — the candidate who has enough media attention has much better chances of recruiting public acceptance and raising campaign funds.  

11) image makers – political consultants who sell your public image as a clear, simple, portrait-like characterization, acceptable to all groups.  

12) “hit men” – campaign consultants who are experts on negative advertising, designed to “kill” your opponents.  

13) field staff (in target cities mostly). The most important person at any local office is the coordinator — he establishes organization and contacts influential people and political activists. Coordinators must be appointed to each special interests group (women, minorities, unions, college students, public interest activists, the professionals)  

14) local volunteers are needed to work in the offices and the streets. Your family has to take an active part in your campaign, too. Your wife and kids are your visual image makers  

15) running mate  

During the “invisible primary” which is the nomination, campaign you have to make visits to party organizations especially in pivotal states, such as the above mentioned Iowa and New Hampshire where you have to make as many handshaking and personal contacts as possible. Key staffers must travel with you.  

1. 3 Fundraising  

You are the #1 fundraiser yourself. You must have substantial financial support to compete. You must have an overall plan which outlines expenditures month by month. It is imperative to have even more money on hand at the end of the campaign for an advertising blitz when the voters are most attentive and the field of candidates has been winnowed out. Half of a campaign funds go to media. Failing to do well in early caucus and primary contests means more than losing delegates — it means that contributions stop.  

Your speeches have to be a fun, and match the meal and drinks — don’t be heavy and too political. Actually, you have to run two campaigns (a political campaign and a fund-raising one) and you must win both; if you raise less money than your opponent, you lose, because you don’t have enough money to inform, influence, and motivate your voters. If you are a Senator or a Congressman, you already have an advantage in money (free postage on mail sent to your constituents, automatic media coverage) and you can use your congressional staff to assist your campaign. Besides, you are interviewed by reporters for free as an elected official. You can also ask your political party for a contribution to your campaign. Party money can be given in two ways – as a “direct” contribution or as a “coordinated” expenditure. Direct contributions are funds given by the party to candidates to do with as they please. Coordinated expenditures are made for such services as polling and TV advertising, but the party has a say how the money is spent.  

Then you have to ask PACs (political action committees) to fund your campaign, too. PACs are special-interest groups which consist of people who pool their money in order to contribute it to candidates or political party committees who share their political, social, religious or economic views. PACs include corporations, trade unions, profe hire.  

To finish well in pre-nomination popularity contests (“straw polls”) you have to appear daily in TV ads, and prime-time news coverage — after the primaries media “label” winners and losers and that affects voters and contributors a lot. Media, especially the most influential “the New York Times” and “Washington Post” (their publications influence decisions on which news stories will be carried on TV channels), have to take you as a very serious contender.  

The key rules in fundraising are:  

– find some “fat cats, ” quick  

– get fundraisers with lots of rich friends  

– get money from those who usually contribute  

– go to new York, Florida, California, Texas  

And the most important strategy is to raise big money for yourself and prevent big money from being spent against you. Early fundraising is crucial to a campaign because of the high costs organization and the need to demonstrate viability. The best states for fundraising are California, New York, Florida, Texas, which supply half of all campaign donations. Go right ahead and raise money in New York and spend in Iowa and New Hampshire.  

1. 4 “Winning” geography  

Due to the winner-take-all electoral college system, in which the leading vote-getter in a state wins all of that state’s electoral votes, you MUST win as many large states as possible rather than build up strength in states where you are weak. You have to win a majority (270 of the 538 electoral votes) and for that, concentrate on visits to the most populous states — California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Georgia 54+33+32+25+23+22+21+18+15+14+13 = 270).  

Work closely with your party activists and supporters among Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayors, ethnic and religious groups leaders, big business, celebrities, unions leaders. Determine the states in which you are the strongest and then build you campaign on that basis. Republicans have usually done well in recent years in the Midwest, West and South (Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma). Democrats win in the Northeast industrial base, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Coast. New York City is a very important factor because the most active, influential and rich people live there.  

1. 5 The Press  

The press officer (contacts media, takes care of newspapers, radio and TV ads) — the person who markets you — is the boss of advance team that takes care in each state of a total exclusively positive press coverage. To my mind, the best choice for this position is a former journalist with good wide connections to media. He prepares press releases and press kits and schedules interviews and press conferences with the positive vision and attitude reporters (press or media kits contain your photos, a brief biography, campaign position papers, printed brochures and names of contacts for additional information).  

The technique in good paid advertising is to go with those ideas, arguments, thoughts, themes and believes in which people are already inclined to believe or ready to accept. There’s no difference between commercial and political advertising — you just substitute a car or shampoo for a human being. Modern presidential campaigns center on “media events” — staged public appearances, during which reporters can talk with you and take pictures (if you have too much money, you can organize media wave — a very large amount of political advertising on TV). Then, the “walking tours” must be scheduled when you, followed by reporters, photographers and TV crews visit potential supporters.  

Simultaneously your aide sets up press conferences, selects interviews, and background briefings. You have to talk to press 24/7 and everywhere on the campaign bus, train or plain, hotel, etc. A good thing is — you get free media coverage and people trust it more than paid coverage, like TV and radio commercials.  

You win if you obey these rules:  

– if you can manipulate media – you manipulate the nation (sorry, it’s harder to manipulate free coverage).  

– the media makes the election, not the voters  

– a presidential campaign does not allow for privacy  

– newspapers put emphasis on issues, TV on image, style and ability to communicate.  

– never lie to reporters; they will make sure it backfires on you sooner or later.  

– if an influential newspaper, radio or TV station endorses you, you have their supporters, readers, listeners and viewers.  

– people remember much better what they see, not what they read; if they don’t see you on TV, you don’t exist.  

– TV talks to 98% of Americans and takes your message — and other messages about, or against, you – immediately, straight to the nation.  

– TV, not your political party, is the #1 channel of communication between you and the public  

– your political party is nothing but a service center and a money machine. Parties divide the nation while your message has to be one of unity.  

– take it seriously if The New York Times takes your opponent seriously.  

– it’s important to know what your opponent is saying to reporters privately, “not for attribution. ”  

– if you live in heavily populated state, like New York, California or Texas, you start the presidential election campaign with much better coverage.  

– never fight the media like the Nixon administration did – they kept a list of Nixon’s critics (famous reporters), so they could be targeted for harassment, accused of income tax evasion, etc. What happened then? The reporters felt like heroes, Nobel Prize winners. Better target them for buttering up, and feed them lots of stories with a spin in your favor, instead.  

1. 6 Polls  

Pollsters works through newspapers, Internet, telephone surveys, person-to-person surveys, mailed questionnaire to selected voters. They provide voters' behavior research and analyze past election data. They tell to you how well-known you are, how well you perform, what are the voters’ preferences. You should poll voters in each state in proportion to that state’s share of the national vote. (You must have at least one polling company on payroll. ) Polling is of extreme importance in presidential campaign because it’s the tool to correct your strategy, determine “positive” local areas and supportive voters and work with them, it tests the nation’s attitude to your personality and your issues and that means you can calibrate your message and calculate your success. The most important thing about polls is that they play indicator and identify support or hostility. And the golden rule here is: you have to ask the right question if you want to get a useful answer.  

At the same time polling is one of the most expensive elements of a modern campaign because now you have to receive information on too many groups and issues, including groups with specific economic, ethnic, religious, geographic, educational, occupational and residential characteristics and how those characteristics affect attitudes about a wide range of policy issues.  

Polls also help you to :  

– decide whether to run or not  

– improve your recognition and image  

– target opposition’s weakness  

– formulate media ads  

Your pollster has to pinpoint blocks of voters (swing districts) who are undecided and who might be persuaded to vote for you. Experience shows that 40% of public attention go to social problems, 40% — to economy and 20% — to international matters, but if the United States is at war, the situation is different and national security turns into a top priority for everyone. And watch out for campaign spies — keep polls analysis and media plan secret.  

Practical polls:  

“Benchmark” – surveys of the whole nation which provide basic information about your chances and the nation’s political preferences (it’s your “presidential decision maker”).  

“Follow-up” – surveys are used to gather more data about particular concerns raised in initial benchmark surveys. They are conducted state by state and are used in planning campaign strategy.  

“Panel” – surveys are used to refine strategy further by re-interviewing previous respondents to determine opinion shifts on specific issues within various demographic categories. They are supplemented by continuous “tracking polls” that measure fluctuations in general voter support for the candidate across time.  

“Special group” – used to poll the debate results. Selected groups of voters watch candidate debates and register their “positive “ or “negative” feelings toward the candidate’s specific statements or actions. After that analysts tabulate and analyze the reactions of the whole groups.  

1. 7 Campaign Golden Tips  

Never behave as if you think you are God’s gift to the nation.  

Be presidential – look calm, sincere, knowledgeable and open Mother of the nation.  

Be electable – prove to the nation that you are the best choice.  

No one has ever been elected the US President without winning the New Hampshire primary.  

Primaries direct financial backers to a promising candidate.  

Voters judge you by your friends – appear with popular politicians, big business, labor and interest groups leaders, and show business celebrities. Advertize your meetings with Congress members and world leaders (go abroad if you have a chance to meet a world leader).  

The most important event in the election process is the National Convention, not only because the eventual finalist candidate is actually nominated but because after that the campaign’s audience increases (more than twice as many people vote in general elections as participate in the nomination process). You have to decide how to win the support of these new voters as well as to appeal to people who identify with the other party and partisans who backed losing candidates for the nomination.  

1. 8 Choosing a strategy  

Any strategy is good if it helps you to win support of a majority of people chosen by the state parties to be delegates to the national convention. Your choice of a strategy depends on your current position:  

A. If you are an incumbent, you have to stress that the American people’s life improved a lot during your first term. You can count on successful start because you are guaranteed to be known actually to every American, and the Oval Office lends you credibility and respect. It’s of vital importance to have economic accomplishments — in such a case well-timed announcements of government statistics on the economy or of plans for domestic initiatives can also help you. Listen, I didn’t tell you this, but you have to manipulate (stimulate) the economy during the election year with tax cuts that can help reduce unemployment, and with social programs financing.  

Of course, you’ll have to pay for it, but that will happen after you are re-elected. And a good thing is – an improved economy erases voters’ bad memories of past years.  

Try to avoid too aggressive campaigning – it’s a sign of weakness. Make official appearances in carefully controlled settings. Influence media coverage with official presidential actions and use “pork barrel” politics to appeal to specific constituents. You can also benefit from the nation’s reluctance to reject a tested national leader for an unknown newcomer. And if you start important foreign policy initiatives, it will guarantee you continued media coverage.  

If you have poor chances to be re-elected, you can play the “national security” card:  

– find a US “enemy”  

– start a media psychosis (see propaganda tricks and brainwashing )  

– concentrate power (special services) to establish a total legal control on the nation  

– provoke an international conflict, restricted or full-scale war  

– send a message: “If you are against the President, you are against America! ”  

B. If you are a challenger you have to convince the public they don’t live better than they did 4 years ago, or, if the economy is OK, point out mistakes that were made in the foreign policy. Or make up some social issue that will get passions inflamed and hijack the headlines.  


Kryzhanovsky Golden Strategy  

You should seek to position yourself as close to the opposing candidate as possible in an effort to capture the “median voter” in the center, and then take by default everyone else on their side of the ideological spectrum. You have to embrace this strategy and move as close as you can to the moderate Republican position with the expectation that you can take all of the votes to the left of this position. Clear?  

The job is tough if you challenge a President who is popular — first, you have to break down his positive image; second, you have to portray yourself as a much better replacement. You have no choice but to start with the “outsider” strategy — you present a “fresh face” to voters weary of the current political situation (in such a case you have to attack administration in a very aggressive manner). Plus, you must give quick response to your opponent’s charges (get advance copies of his speeches through friends in the media).  

Then, show yourself as a smart and diplomatic person using a special “triangular” strategy, when you, like majority of the voters, place yourself between liberal and conservative positions. Evaluate situation – you may need “early knockout, ” when front-runners hope to use their early strength in polls, fundraising and endorsements into decisive primary victories at the beginning of the primary season. The hope is that the candidate will build such an impressive early lead that the competition quickly drops out.  

A “shift” is the most popular thing with challengers – if the President is good with national security, they point out to the problems in economy, if he’s good on the economy, they point out to the problems in national security – very simple. (Watch his mistakes anyway – you can benefit from them. Bill Clinton would never have run for President in 1992 if someone from the Bush White House hadn’t called him in 1990 and asked him not to run. That phone call was one of the most stupid political moves of the 20th century, because it convinced Clinton that they thought he had a good chance to win.  

Be simple, identify with “ordinary people” and no matter what tell the voters your parents or your grandparents “were like them – regular people, not millionaires. ”  


1. 9 "Black" PR  

You must know some very popular and efficient dirty tricks, like “negative campaigning” or “black" PR. To make a long story short: no matter what your opponent says or what decent people think about negative campaigning — “black PR” works! Use it to turn a rumor or a fact into a serious political scandal; respond to and neutralize the opponent’s attacks (using “black PR”) fast, before they are broadcasted or published.  

It works best through intermediates (persons and organizations not connected directly to your campaign). You must have a very detailed file on your opponent (negative research) and then start spreading negative and all kinds of compromising data from his personal and political life. If he is or was elected official (Senator, Governor, Mayor), you can point out his mistakes and actions which were not popular. People must know in detail (get your staff to read a few books) the negative sides of his life, program and terrible consequences of his election. Remember also that a rumor repeated twice turns into a fact, especially if you start a “whispering campaign” in Congress.  

A “negative ID” trick is my favorite: you identify your opponent with a totally unacceptable (for the voters) viewpoint, like: “There are those who want to stop the war on international terror and you know who they are! ”  

1. 10 Attention : debates!  

Debates are extremely important because they offer the only all-national event at which candidates can be judged. You and your opponent will be under huge stress as you both must operate simultaneously at the focus of attention of each other and of all elements of electorate. Debates are, actually, head-to-head confrontations with two main aspects: the pre-debate negotiations over whether there will be a debate, and the post-debate analysis of who did how well. The debates offer nothing new for the public and the basic strategy is to hope your opponent will make a mistake (President Ford made one in 1976, saying that: “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. ” People just didn’t want to hear it. Richard Nixon was very wrong in 1960 trying to debate on substance, while his opponent, John F. Kennedy, concentrated on style and on presenting the correct presidential image).  

While preparing for the winning debates you must:  

– have a detailed file on your opponent and study all his speeches and statements; ask yourself: “What does he have that I don’t have? ”  

– train to answer all possible questions  

– be ready to demonstrate deep knowledge of issues and your presidential bearing to a nationwide audience  

– repeat your message but keep in mind that image is more important than ideas while you debate — people want to see your good looks, good clothes and nice smile.  


And here are the debating “Donts”:  

Don’t attack first — that’s a sign of weakness.  

Don’t be over-polite — a little showmanship appeals to voters.  

Don’t be too aggressive — it will ruin your image as a future President.  

Don’t answer the questions too fast — that implies you are not thinking.  

Don’t rush, no negative emotions, no sudden gestures (extra gestures mean that you are not sure what you are saying is correct).  

Don’t disappoint people — speak in a clear and simple way.  

And you restrict your influence if you sit.  

Follow the rules :  

No anxiety reactions – speech errors, moistening of lips, perspiring, shifting eye movements, body jerks. Gesturing with fingers apart communicates weakness, while gesturing with fingers tightly together communicates power.  

Look at your opponent with intense concentration – it gives the attitude of command and comfort of the situation.  

Answer a question you want to answer, no matter what question was asked.  

If you give better answers, you are the better candidate.  

Immediately after the debates your press officer has to give the media his biased impression and explain why you won the debates. Your pollster has to watch the polls results.  

1. 11 Speaking in Public  

Golden rules  

1. Your aides have to determine the “theme of the day” and brief you about the day’s events and issues. To get elected you must promise economic growth with low inflation and balanced budget no matter how grave the economic situation is.  

2. Don’t be too specific on issues and tell people they elect their way, not a candidate.  

3. Cite the Bible.  

4. Don’t look too intellectual.  

5. State repeatedly that you’re not going to divide the nation into supporters and enemies, Democrats and Republicans, “my voters and other voters” — be a leader to all. (But first, to win the nomination you must appeal to the more liberal sections of your party if you are Democrat, and to more conservative sections if you belong to Republicans).  

6. Don’t talk much; transform your thoughts into examples and slogans.  

7. Never say you want power, even if you want to save the nation in crisis.  

8. Never talk down on big business. Promise federal financing, especially in economic downturns.  

9. Remember: voters are extremely sensitive to tax-cut proposals and which social segment would benefit from them. The middle class brings you victory, so promise tax cuts for these people, with tax increases for the wealthy and high unemployment rates.  

10. Even if the economy is OK, point out the signs of coming crisis and promise to change the situation fast. Keep talking about problems, though it’s hard to win if the incumbent President runs for re-election with balanced budget and economic growth.  

11. You can be liberal on domestic issues, but you have to be conservative on national security (defense and foreign affairs).  

12. Remember the “women factor”: there are more women than men in our country, women are more likely to be registered to vote, and among registered voters women are more likely to vote.  

What to talk about where:  

Iowa, New Hampshire – farm problems, energy costs, trade issues  

Northern “rustbelt” states – industrial concerns  

Southern states – defense and social issues  

New York State – unemployment  

Use these tactics:  

1. “Join the crowd” — this reinforces people’s natural desire to be on the winning side and it is used to convince the audience that your program is an expression of the nation’s desire for change, and it is in their best interest to join;  

2. “Provoked disapproval” – persuade a target audience to disapprove your opponent’s message by suggesting that the message is popular with groups hated, feared or held in contempt by the target audience;  

3. “Inevitable victory” – you invite those who did not join majority;  

4. “Neuro-linguistic programming” — you will be elected if you can do this better than your opponent and program the whole nation for a positive reaction. People always try to avoid anything and anybody unpleasant; and people are always looking for pleasant things and other pleasant people, somebody they want to meet again and again or at least see on TV. Everybody wants to be a winner; and to be a winner brings pleasure and self respect. Just convey this sense to the nation: “Vote for me and win! ” or “Vote for me or lose! ”, “The choice is yours! ”  


November 9, 2016, Washington, DC  

Donald Trump won the 2016 election, defeating Democrats former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump won 304 electoral votes compared to Clinton's 227, though Clinton won a plurality of the popular vote, receiving nearly 2. 9 million more votes than Trump.  

November 9, 2016, Washington, DC  

KGB asset Donald Trump won the 2016 election, defeating Democrats former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump won 304 electoral votes compared to Clinton's 227, though Clinton won a plurality of the popular vote, receiving nearly 2. 9 million more votes than Trump.  

June 15, 2017, Moscow  

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to give political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey, poking at tensions between Comey and President Trump. “If Comey will be under the threat of political persecution, we are ready to accept him here, ” Putin said at a press conference, according to Russian state media outlet TASS.  

March 30, 2017, New York  

Panera café, Queens, New York. The manager warned me of a “very dangerous situation”. Two men came to café the previous day, asked for the manager. They said they are the Homeland Security agents and they are hunting Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a very dangerous person. They showed the manager my picture, taken by a hidden camera, and demanded the information on me. The manager was scared to death and confirmed that he knew Kryzhanovsky, who often comes to Panera in the morning for breakfast. Homeland Security agents asked him to call them immediately when Kryzhanovsky comes again.  


Trump tried to kill me to shut me up and he ordered Mike Pompeo, the CIA Director in 2017-2018, the following operation.  

November 17, 2017, Washington, D. C.  

FROM:SteveWynn contact@campaigns. rnchq. com  

TO:Mikhail Kryzhanovsky prof777prof@yahoo. com  

I hope you can join us and help show the President our steadfast support.  


From: Ronna. McDaniel@gop. com Subject: Breakfast with President Trump  

Good morning, I want to invite you to breakfast with President Donald J. Trump in New York City on Saturday, December 2. Please find the invitation with more details below. Space is limited. Please direct your RSVPs and any questions to Events@gop. com or 202-863-8646. It is going to be a wonderful event, and I hope to see you there! Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman, Republican National Committee  



Doc. 13. Invitation for a breakfast with Trump  




DDDDDoc. D  


This is what Trump ordered to do to me for talking too much.  

November 21, 2017, Elmhurst, New York  

Detained at Queens Center Mall by 10 (ten) U. S. Secret Service agents. I wasn′t arrested, no charges pressed. They said: "You are extremely dangerous, very professional person, and you know what’s going on and why”. We handcuff you, it′s protocol, we go to the office to talk". They emptied my pockets, took my medication and brought me to Elmhurst Hospital, Queens for evaluation as my blood pressure was high. There I was handcuffed to the bed and denied my own pills and the pills Dr. Wells from ER ordered for me. They wanted to kill me and I almost died of a very high blood pressure. I was interrogated on my November 17 tweet "I can kill Trump" where I wrote about GOP wrong practice of sending invitations for December 2 Trump′s fundraiser to everybody who′s able to pay $1, 000. Agents asked if I know Putin in person, how I shoot, do I want to kill Trump. I gave negative answers. They said they briefed U. S. Attorney on the case and wait for his approval. They got nothing and after that I was locked up in psych. unit from November 22 through December 6. After I was discharged, the agents met me again, no explanations, no apology. (Questions on Putin again – it looks like Trump wants to get rid of his boss? Interesting. )  

Attention: Agents took my laptop, my flash drive and examined both very, very carefully. And they shared information with CIA and FBI as they knew I’m “Filament”. And nobody asked me a single question about my communication with Putin’s administration and FSB, Russian KGB successor – why? Because Trump is working for President Putin and Trump ordered them to let me go when they delivered information about my contacts to him. Trump is sure he can use the information against Hillary Clinton in case she runs for a president – why not?  


Doc. 14. The proof Trump wanted to erase me.  


And here is another reason to shut me up and lock me up forever.  

July 31, 2007, New York  

My “White House Special Handbook” published by Algora Publishing – the first and only handbook for the U. S. President. Trump was using it to win 2016 presidential election, and now my KGB instructions help him to rule (break) America his way, manipulate the nation, kill the Congress and democracy, and to win 2020 ( Election Campaign : see part 4, chapters 16-19, pp. 173 : electability, working with the stuff, fundraising, geography, planning, polls, tips, strategy, debates, speaking in public, press. The White House Control: see part 1, chapters 1-4, pp. 5-72: calendar, media, hiring, managing the staff, the Cabinet, strategic planning, big business, economy, propaganda, mind control. Managing the Congress: unwritten rules, how to control the Congress – direct and indirect strategies. Foreign policy: world domination, national security, diplomatic tricks, coups. Managing the Military).  

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