The man of property

Стихотворение / Поэзия, Другое
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Come on, go on, and safe her soul,  

And put it in the safest safe.  

There's always dawn before the fall,  

There's always price for one to pay,  

And money to invest in loves,  

Despairs, and other human traits.  

As there are traces in the lawn,  

There's also failures in this trade.  


Go to the most expensive shops,  

And buy her gifts which meant to please,  

Her whims are gonna feed your crops,  

Her wings shall not to be released!  

Must stay intact, maintained and fit!  

Just as the diamonds on her wrist,  

She's ought to gracefully complete  

What's missing in your perfect list.  


Your need to give and take away.  

Your need to act a written play.  

You need the pain to feast upon,  

You need her strength for going on.  


Investing is your major feature.  

Engagement in the love affairs  

Destroys and punishes the preacher,  

Unlike the trading with its fares.  

No time to loose on interlacements -  

Your life's determent stage by stage.  

Why won't you grab her heart and place it  

With yours into an armoured cage.  


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Greatleadersrose16:04 28.09.2020
goldenboy2002, спасибо :)
Goldenboy200204:07 28.09.2020
Ну, такие стихи на иностранном похвальны сами по себе.

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