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My dear son, why did you finish so quickly? Why in your head I see the horrible thoughts of murder, violence and revenge? Why were you standing on the ledge when I gave you life? I have long tolerated your words from your lips, which are turned to heaven, but I can not forgive you and let you die with the feeling that I left and betrayed you.  


You're an announcer, not a God. I always prayed to you, I went to your house, I was your guest, I asked for health to my children and my wife, but you always did not care for me. I have been sick to his twelve years. I lived in basements, I was driven everywhere, but you did nothing for me. I was alone in this rotten world. My world is a testing ground for death. I stole the pockets of passers-by people to be enough even for bread. You remember that Christmas present you gave me when I missed the train, but you're going to pretend you just forgot about it. At this time in my house frolicked my wife and her lover, whom I can not stand. This story definitely has a black humor streak. Where were you when my kids picked drugs for school? When I got home from work, I saw their faces. You're our heavenly forerunner, but I think you're nothing more than an old man. Why are you silent again? You have nothing more to say, huh? That you swallowed your tongue, my beloved God? I've wanted to see you most of my life, but to tear you to shreds, not to thank you.  


Let's talk about you now, my prodigal son. This world as if poisonous. I saw how your mother suffered when she gave birth to you. You could have been born dead, but I saved your life, my sinful son. Well, think about it. Your neck was wrapped around an umbilical cord that almost strangled you, but I decided to save you. It was impossible to have you. I gave you the opportunity to find money for this very bread, thanks to which you grew up. I made you miss the train, which was attacked by several terrorists and killed all the passengers. Your wife had a round dance of men, and I showed you her true face. Remember what you said about me that night. Remember how you cursed the heavens and me with them. I have shown your children the way, but I cannot follow it. You should understand that yourself.  




The clouds in the sky had a leaden color and were pulled together in a large dome. Blaming his interlocutor, this man shouted in an empty corner in the temple.  




You should always be grateful to God for what you have. After all, this is one big test. If you do not appreciate what is now, then it will not be at all.

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Resonator20:51 28.03.2019
vikasol, у меня в начале есть русская версия, она называется "Собеседник"
Vikasol20:33 28.03.2019
Ух, было бы написано по-русски. Возможно это интересно, писать на другом языке. Но... Был бы украинский, я бы хоть что-то поняла, а это английский. Произведение хорошее, но ... лишний раз пользоваться интернетовским переводом с "уломаным" смыслом не хочется. А произведение интересное, если я всё правильно поняла о диалоге обычного человека с Богом, о том, что этот человек всем недоволен и разочарован во всем. напомнило чем-то одни рассказ(притчу), там только человек разговаривал с ангелом, расстраиваясь, что опоздал куда-то, на что ему ответили - что автобус в котором он мог ехать попал в аварию. За произведение 5 с огромным +. ( Не исключается искажение восприятия из-за другого языка).

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