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You know, suspense and pushiness can push you deep into the abyss and you'll never get out of there? If you've already fallen, you can't fix it. I don't know where now to run, I always ran away and was afraid to accept his fate. I would like to catch up with my feelings, but they also run away from me very far. Is this my last chance? I'm in.  


The last opportunity is lost, but the last chance is not lost, I know, it just is. I'm trying to grab hold of this very last thread. I understand she's leading me into a void that's after death... but I know what I'm capable of, I know I can handle it! I am ready to follow the path that others think is stupid and closed.  

I see around me is death and pain, and I'm going again this terrible battle. Yes, I see this last fight, he is eternal like the world is mine. I've never been good or evil, I've always been justice. We are not going to divide people from this world into something else, it just happened so that they do not like losers and those who are trying to protect their families.  

Victory businessman-sly scoundrel, he throws something for which each of us is ready to fight. We will fight to rise from the knees of the state. All of us in the end will win, and I spend the sunset of the old world, but in the morning I will meet the dawn of the new world on the field where I fought and was once defeated by my enemy.  

These bastards who are trying to take over the world, who call themselves the state, divide the whole world into large pieces. All, fallen our capital. The light that led us once upon a time suddenly faded away forever. I want his return, but for this I will create clan night. I will gather all those who think as I do, I will gather all those who have the strength, who once rose from his knees and was not afraid to show everyone what he is capable of. And there we will all see what is happening inside this world, we will see the dirt and pain.  

I want everything back the way it was, I want to make this world a better place, so that each of us is a part of something bigger, not a piece of this system, so that this world is no longer a system. Do you think maybe I just want a lot? Why are we recognized as monsters? We're just afraid, and feel sorry for what the money was taken, when the heart is already dead forever?!  


What is evil? What is good? No one will show, no one will explain, and no one will ever tell me. I live on the edge of this world and not disturbing anyone – would tell each of you, but must in fact be at least one person among this indifference, which would be aloud to talk about me without fear of other people's opinions. Yes, he understands everything that is happening here and now. It's just like watching-good does not happen, and evil is also simply no, it just does not exist. All this here is no more than a subjective opinion and everyone knows about it a long time ago. At the same time, no one is discussing how someone decided it for them, but do not you all have your head on your shoulders?!...

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Resonator10:45 06.02.2019
stanislaw, там есть перевод, он написан выше (другое произведение)
Stanislaw20:58 05.02.2019
Хорошо бы перевод. Не все владеют английским.

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